Time to lower your emissions!

This spring we have prepared 3 special packages on Park Ranger 2150 including attachments engineered to work perfectly with the machine: Park Ranger 2150 with mulch mower 1200, or with rotary mower 1000 and grass collector or last but not least with suction sweeper and cabin. The combination is your choice.

We also offer special prices on other attachments such as the lawn edger which leaves the lawn with a cultivated appearance. It cuts the lawn edges perfectly, even when the edge is curvy, and cultivates the off-cuts at the same time.

Keeping the gravel roads weed free without using pesticides demands frequent efforts. For this, the Egholm environmental rake and its the rear lift is a useful partner.

Another useful option is the cooler. When cutting the grass, we recommend the use of this option to increase the air intake which protects the engine from the risk of clogging.

Stage V for future environmental standards

Investing in Park Ranger 2150 with a 26 HP high efficient Stage V diesel engine prepares you for the future and optimise your maintenance budget. A reduced number of engine RPM means less vibrations and reduced noise level as well as an improved fuel economy. By using forward-looking technology, Egholm meets the most stringent emission requirements for diesel engines.

With 15 tailor-made high quality attachments for every season, you only need this ONE machine for all your different tasks. Change of attachments takes less than 4 minutes and no tools are needed.

Get 10% discount on Park Ranger 2150 and an extra € 5.000 trade-in for your old machine - no matter what brand.

UK - 01 - Main Offer - Spring 2020
UK - 01 - Offer

Park Ranger 2150
+ mulch mower 1200

Save 10% now and get
€ 5.000 trade-in for your old machine

UK - 02 - Offer

Park Ranger 2150
+ rotary mower 1000
+ grass collector

Save 10% now and get
€ 5.000 trade-in for your old machine

UK - 03 - Offer

Park Ranger 2150
+ cabin
+ suction sweeper

Save 10% now and get € 5.000 trade-in for your old machine

UK - 04 - Offer

Cabin for Park Ranger 2150

Save 10% now !

UK - 05 - Offer - Environmental Rake + Lift

Environmental rake and rear lift

Save 10% now

UK - 06 - Offer - Lawn Edger

Lawn edger

Save 10% now !

UK - 06 - Offer - Large Cooler

Large cooler

Save 10% now !

Park Ranger 2150

Brochure on Park Ranger 2150

Technical data

Data on Park Ranger 2150 basic machine and attachments

4 min.

4 min.

  • Easy and quick attachment change
  • Simple coupling system - everyone can handle it
  • High efficiency - no hesitation
  • Improved return on investment


  • Articulated steering - highly manoeuvrable and good overview
  • Flexibility - solves tasks faster
  • Compact - operates in narrow spaces
Light weight

Light weight

  • Low weight - perfect on lawns
  • Leaves no traces or damages
  • Improves image of area or site
Stage V - for the environment

Stage V - for the environment

  • Low particle emissions
  • Energy efficient and optimised fuel economy
  • Reduced noise level

Offers are valid from March 16th to May 31st 2020. Illustrations may contain optional equipment.