More than 4000 machines of the City Ranger 2200 series (now model 2260)

This year we celebrate that more than 4.000 machines of the City Ranger 2200 series built. If you place 4.000 machines in line, the line will be 10 km long !

Back in 2008 it was a special day for Egholm, as well as for the employees in Lemvig, Denmark, as the multifunctional machine City Ranger 2200 series was launched after several years of preparation. Everybody was extremely proud of the new machine and excited to see how the market would embrace the product.

The City Ranger 2200 series was special in many ways – the Quick-shift of attachments in 1 to 4 minutes was ground-breaking for the industry.

In fact, users liked the very easy change of attachments and in such a degree that more than 4.000 of City Ranger 2200 series has left the production in Lemvig since then.

If you place 4.000 machines in line, that line will be 10 km long…

The market did embrace the machine, and users of the 2200 series experienced a revolution in how fast attachments can be changed. Since 2008 the City Ranger was in year 2012 updated into model 2250, and most recently it was updated this summer into model 2260.

The environmentally friendly petrol-driven City Ranger 2260 - with several innovative improvements such as better comfort inside the cabin, new improved ergonomic gas pedal and 96% NOx reduction. But it does not stop here, everyone at Egholm is still working hard and dedicated together with dealers, distributors and proud users of the machine, to find further improvements to make the best possible solutions.

You can read more about the City Ranger 2260 here >>

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