The petrol driven City Ranger 2260 – a safe investment in a future proof utility machine

This summer, Egholm partner Vemas delivered its first petrol-driven City Ranger to Byens Vagt & Ejendomsservice in Aarhus.

The challenge

This summer, Egholm partner Vemas delivered its first petrol-driven City Ranger to Byens Vagt & Ejendomsservice in Aarhus. Now, a few months later, we have followed up on the purchase with David Jepsen, Sales Manager at Vemas, as well as the owner of the utility machine Svend Holst, who services real estate companies, businesses and shops in the streets of Aarhus.

“In Aarhus, there are already limited-access zones where diesel-powered machines are not allowed and, in the long term, utility machines will also be affected by similar environmental legislation. The City Ranger 2260 already meets the stricter environmental requirements and meets the desire for a more climate-friendly machine,” explains David Jepsen.

City Ranger 2260 in Aarhus

For Byens Vagt & Ejendomsservice in Aarhus, investing in the City Ranger 2260 was, therefore, also based on consideration for the environment, better operator comfort, as well as optimised financial benefits. All of which the City Ranger 2260 accommodates.

With its powerful petrol engine, 4-wheel drive and a complete range of tailored attachments, the new City Ranger 2260 handles all types of cleaning and maintenance tasks. The owner of Byens Vagt & Ejendomsservice, Svend Holst, was the first in Denmark to take delivery of the new model and he is certain that City Ranger 2260 is the best machine seen on the market to date.

Byens Vagt & Ejendomsservice in Aarhus, investing in the City Ranger 2260

The solution

“The new City Ranger 2260 is my sixth Egholm machine since 2002 and it is, without a doubt, the best I've had. The driving experience has simply improved in this new model,” says Svend Holst.

In particular, Svend Holst emphasises the new accelerator pedal, the Quick-shift change of attachments in less than one minute, the compact design and the new petrol engine, which is both more environmentally friendly and quieter.

“With its compact design and easy steering, the City Ranger 2260 has very good manoeuvrability. This means that I can easily get right into corners with the sweeper/suction system. At the same time, the new accelerator pedal has made it much easier and less strenuous to reverse and adjust speed. Previously, my leg was completely exhausted after a long day at work. This is no longer the case,” says Svend Holst.

“The operator's cabin is also larger and there is also much less noise and less vibration when driving on the road. Another good thing worth mentioning is that the machine does not need warming up before starting, which is a big advantage in the winter.”

The result

The result

The City Ranger 2260 has been developed and built in Denmark with consideration for the environment and with the ambition of reducing the carbon footprint of the utility machine. This is explained by David Jepsen, Sales Manager at Vemas.

“The climate has really become a topic of conversation and we feel that our customers care about their carbon footprint. In the new City Ranger 2260, the diesel engine has been replaced by a powerful petrol engine. This means that the machine complies with all Stage V emission standards and meet the requirements for a reduction of NOx emissions in cities,”continues David Jepsen. The City Ranger 2260 meets the new emission trends and requirement for a full 96% reduction in NOx emissions.

At Byens Vagt & Ejendomsservice they can already feel the consequences of switching from diesel to petrol. “I spend many hours in underground car parks. After only a few weeks, my headache has disappeared and my constant cough is diminishing. This is definitely due to the fact that the diesel engine has been replaced with a petrol engine,” says Svend Holst, who also welcomes the fact that the new petrol-driven model is far less noisy and vibrates less compared to diesel-powered machines.

At the same time, service and maintenance costs are expected to be lower than alternative solutions. Thus, the total cost of ownership is 2% less than that of a City Ranger 2250 diesel model.

At Vemas, David Jepsen experiences great interest in the new Egholm City Ranger 2260. According to the Sales Manager, this is due to Egholm's solid reputation and the smart new features in the upgraded model.

"The construction of the City Ranger 2260 is of uncompromising quality and it is geared to be used for many hours every single day. The driving comfort of the new model has become even better thanks to a more spacious operator’s cabin, a smart accelerator pedal that makes it easier to reverse and the reduced noise and vibration of the petrol engine. This combination of the world's fastest attachment change system, a climate-friendly petrol engine that meets all environmental requirements and great reliability, makes the City Ranger 2260 a solid, safe and future-proof investment, "emphasises David Jepsen.

Advantages of the City Ranger 2260

Advantages of the City Ranger 2260

  • Powerful petrol engine
  • Meets the requirements for a reduction in NOx emissions in cities
  • Complies with all Stage V emission standards
  • 14 specialised attachments
  • Quick-shift - attachment change in less than one minute
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Easy steering
  • Small turning circle of only 120 cm
  • Reduced noise and vibration and, thus, more comfortable to use

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