Flexibility is half the battle!

Would you like the flexibility to increase your vehicle fleet for a short-term period? Or do you need to rent a machine for a certain task?

Egholm Rental

With our new Egholm Rental solution, we can offer you an established and efficient alternative to buying machines.
Be it due to an unexpected business situation or seasonal circumstances, such as a particularly hard winter - for temporary assignments, a machine rental is the most economical, flexible and easily calculable solution. On the one hand, this does not restrict your liquidity, as is the case with investments in your own vehicle fleet while on the other hand, you can always fall back on the latest technology and save maintenance costs at the same time.

You have the choice

Our team is at your side in choosing the right machine. For a monthly rental price, you can use all Egholm implement carriers: Park Ranger 2150, City Ranger 2260 and City Ranger 3070. All in combination with the numerous tailor-made attachments for sweeping work, weed control, winter service and all kinds of green space maintenance. Our unique Quick-shift attachment system allows you to change the machine flexibility at any time.

Egholm Rental is your way to do sweeping work, weed control, green area maintenance and winter service with a single professional machine. Choose your rental period as long - or as short - as you want and use the appropriate attachments for the job to be done!


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