Environmental rake


Fight weeds with the environmental rake. 

Height with / without cabin 1935 / 1210
Length 2500
Width 2500
Ground clearance below rake 80
Working depth of the drag hoes 20-40
Working width 1100
Height 260
Length 500
Width 1100
Weight 32


Keeping gravel paths free of weeds without the use of pesticides requires frequent attention. This is where the environmental rake is very useful in the day-to-day work.

The environmental rake loosens the weeds and evens out even compacted gravel paths on repeated use. It does not get entangled with tree roots nor other obstacles along the way as the weeds are loosed by rear-facing hoes.

With a raking width of 100 cm, you quickly attain the perfectly raked result. 


XAL item number E90101311
Sortering 90
Header Environmental rake
Standard Equipment

Rear facing draw hoes
The environmental rake has rear facing draw hoes which does not catch on roots.


Extra Equipment

Rear lifter
A mandatory option to lift and lower the rake.

APP fits Park Ranger 2150, Egholm 2100
APP product type Attachment
Fits Park Ranger 2150
Tech Document Title Technical data - Environmental rake
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Video 1 title Park Ranger 2150 - Environmental rake
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - Environmental rake
Manual 1 link ../Downloadables/MANUALS/EN_Manual_EnvironmentalRake_ParkRanger2150_E90101311_01_Web.pdf

2150 Enviromental rake