Flail mower


The flail mower mows all grass, whatever its height or toughness. 

Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1939 / 2060
Length 3060
Width 1475
Flail - clearing height 0-110
Flail - clearing width 1225
No. of flails 76
No. of vertical blades (max.) 38
Rotation of blades 2800
Verticutter - clearing depth 0-15
Verticutter - clearing width 1170
Height 530
Length 955
Width 1475
Weight 154 / 151


For the mowing of particularly long grass and for managing the weed control without use of pesticides, the City Ranger is a perfect choice. It meets both demands head on.

Changing the flails with vertical blades converts it into a verticutter, which deals with moss and weeds without the need for pesticides. A diversified and efficient attachment.

For rough grass areas that do not need to be kept trim and tidy, the efficient flail mower is the ideal solution. It has a cutting width of 1226 mm and manages even very long grass to impressive effect.

For lawns to appear neat and well-groomed the grass needs to have strong roots to be able to fight back the weed. The verticutter is the perfect nonherbicide machine for the job. The grass needs both light and air, and the vertical blades remove the moss and slice into the turf, allowing the grass roots to be aired.

The verticutter is mounted in floating position and equipped with four wheels for the management of depth adjustment. It works very close to the terrain ensuring a thorough and uniform treatment of the lawn.


XAL item number E70101041
Sortering 70
Header Flail mower
Standard Equipment

Clearing height adjustment
The clearing height is adjusted using the two forward wheels (rough and fine adjustment). Rough adjustment using seven adjusting rings in interval 0-110 mm. Fine adjusting carried out by a variable-adjustable lever.

Extra Equipment

Verticutter knives
Changing the flails with vertical blades converts the flail mower into a verticutter, which deals with moss and weeds without the need for pesticides. The verticutter removes moss while  simultaneously cutting a thin score in the turf, so the grassroots are aired. This strengthens the grass so the turf is much more resilient to weeds.

Top filter
It is recommend to use a top filter for lawn mowing as this stops the radiator from becoming choked with grass and protects the motor. 

It is recommend to use a counterweight on the back of the City Ranger when using the flail mower. 

APP fits City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 2260, Egholm 2200
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 2260
Tech Document Title Technical data - Flail mower
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - Flail mower
Manual 1 link ../Downloadables/MANUALS/EN_Manual_FlailMower_CityRanger2260-2250_E70101041_01_Web.pdf

2260 Flail mower