Grass collector


The grass collector is an effective combination of two units: a rotary mower to collect the grass and a hopper to store it.

Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1939 / 2060
Height with leaf collection hose 2150
Length (with mower 1200) 3230
Width (with mower 1200) 1285
Air flow 2400
Air speed 120
Operating speed 1-10
Hopper load, max. 300
Hopper volume 750
Tipping level from ground 575
Tipping level from ground adjustable up to 1860
Noise level - outside LwA (2000/14/EC) 105
Height with / without collection hose 2150 / 1950
Length 1700
Width 940
Payload with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 368 / 398
Weight 202
Weight - frame 31
Weight with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1242 / 1212


The rotary mower connects directly to a central collection hose, which itself is connected to the hopper. The hose is located under the machine to avoid increasing the overall width of the mower, while retaining the excellent manoeuvrability of the rotary mower.

The hopper is manufactured from moulded plastic, which is designed to withstand corrosive grass residue. It is compact yet has a large capacity of 750 l, which means less emptying. Also, the grass is cut twice in transit from mower to hopper, which means that it takes up very little space. When the hopper does need emptying, it is all done via a joystick from the comfort of the cab seat, so the operator does not even need to get off.

The time saved mowing grass and collecting it in one pass is clear. Also, the Egholm grass collector can tackle long grass, which means less cutting throughout the year. The grass collector cleans up after itself, leaving an attractive, clipping-free area - and without any leaves as these are removed along with the grass clippings. The grass collector may be installed with an external leaf collection hose (option) which makes it possible to remove leaves from hard-to-reach areas under hedges, between plants, etc


XAL item number E70101191
Sortering 40
Header Grass collector
Standard Equipment

Stand / frame
The supplied frame allows for simple and quick attaching and removal of the hopper. The stand is also used for storing the hopper.

Hydraulic emptying function
The hopper can be emptied without leaving the seat. The hydraulic tip function is controlled from the joystick and the cover on the hopper opens automatically when tilted.

The tipping hight can be adjusted from 575 to 1860 mm allowing for tipping directly into containers within this height range.

Extra Equipment

Leaf collection hose
It is also possible to remove leaves with the grass collector. When a leaf collection hose is fitted on the hopper, you can remove leaves in places where the mower cannot work - up to 6 m. The lightweight leaf collection hose is discretely fitted on the top of the hopper, when not in use.

Grass panel (10 mm)
The hopper is supplied with a 5 mm grass filter as standard, to minimise airborne deposits when working with dry grass. A 10 mm grass filter increases airflow and suction power, and is an advantage when working with damp and heavy grass.

Plastic panel
Used for very damp and sticky grass. The plastic panel is inserted into the hopper to prevent the grass filter from becoming blocked.

Mulch mover & rotary mower kits
You can quickly convert the grass collector to a non-collecting mulch mower or standard rotary mower with the help of special kits available.

APP fits City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 2260, Egholm 2200
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 2260
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2260 Grass collector