Leaf suction unit


The leaf suction unit efficiently cleans up after defoliation and hedge trimming.

Height with cabin 1950
Length 3100
Width 1200
Airflow between 2 turbines 2250
Airspeed in leaf collection hose 184
Ground clearance under vacuum nozzle 180
Leaf collection hose diameter 125
Leaf collection hose reach 4200
Operating speed 3-6
Suction hose diameter Ø 125
Vacuum width 1050
Height 900
Length 800
Width 1050
Payload with / without cabin 305 / 415
Weight 90
Weight with cabin 995 / 885
Weight with / without cabin 995 / 885


The leaf collection hose has a 4.2 metre reach and is fitted with a supporting arm to prevent it from damaging hedges and ornamental plants while working. When not in use, it is discreetly stored on top of the leaf suction unit, occupying a minimum of space but always close at hand.

The leaf suction unit uses the hopper for grass collecting. The hopper is an efficient two-in-one attachment, used for both grass collecting when mowing and leaf collecting in combination with the leaf suction unit.

Two sturdy turbines (one in the leaf suction unit and one in the hopper) chop the leaves to bits and suck them up into the hopper, ready for composting. When full, the hopper is simply emptied by a hydraulic tip function directly onto the compost heap, or - as enabled by a high tipping level of up to 1.8 m - into a container. The suction hose does not have to be dismounted first.


XAL item number E90100003
Sortering 100
Header Leaf suction unit
Standard Equipment

Leaf collection hose
The leaf collection hose has a long reach of 4,2 m.

Adjustable handle
An adjustable handle on the leaf suction hose makes i easy for the user to adjust the working position. The supporting arm prevents the hose from resting on and damaging hedges and ornamental plants during work.

Central adjustment
Central adjustment of the casters ensures quick and easy adjustment of suction height, making sure that it fits both the surface and the amount of leaves perfectly.

Two turbines
The two turbines, one in the leaf suction unit and one in the hopper, ensure that the leaves are finely chopped and ready for composting when they are collected in the hopper for leaf collecting. Hopper/grass collector is purchased separate.


Extra Equipment

Grass collector
Must be combined with the grass collector hopper in order to function. Please see separate data for grass collector/hopper specifications and functions.

APP fits Park Ranger 2150, Egholm 2100
APP product type Attachment
Fits Park Ranger 2150
Tech Document Title Technical data - Leaf suction unit
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - Leaf suction unit
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