Load carrier


Fitting the load carrier to the back of the utility machine gives you the extra space you need to carry hand tools around with you, and saves you having to make several trips to get them. 

Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1939 / 2060
Length 2500
Width 1068
Load carrying capacity, max. 100
Loading height 900
Platform, height 68-200
Platform, length 820
Platform, width 760
Volume 95
Height 585
Length 1185
Width 880
Payload with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 644 / 674
Weight 26
Weight with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 966 / 936


The load carrier is compact and convenient, but  spacious enough to hold a hand mower, grass trimmer, lopping shears, and a bag of compost.

The compact load carrier is made from moulded plastic, and has a lightweight but very solid construction. The carrier can withstand wind, weather and sharp  objects, and has been designed for maximum ease-of-use. The carrier can be fitted and removed quickly and easily, using a single handle. Hand tools can be strapped down during transport to prevent sliding (there are lashing hooks on both sides). The back flap folds down to provide easy access to the carrier, and provides an ergonomically correct loading height.


XAL item number E70101251
Sortering 130
Header Load carrier
Standard Equipment

Lashing hooks
The load carrier has 4 lashing hooks to strap down tools etc.

Light weight
Produced in PE plastic the load carrier is lightweight and easy to handle.

Low loading height
Facilitates ergonomic loading reducing the strain on the back. 

APP fits City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 2260, Egholm 2200
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 2260
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