Mulch mower 1500


More mowing in less time with the mulch mower 1500 - an innovative solution with its unique hydraulic features.

Height / with beacon 2000 / 2210
Length 4200
Width 1582
Max. recommended operating speed (mulch mower) 9
Max. recommended operating speed (rotary mower) 10
Adjustable cutting height 30-80
Cutting speed (tip speed) 77
Cutting width 1500
Ground clearance below mower 140-190
No. of mower blades 3
Theoretical mowing area - mulch 13500
Theoretical mowing area - rotary 15000
Noise level - outside LwA (2000/14/EC) N/A
Height 480
Length 990
Width 1582
Weight (mulch mower) 145
Weight (rotary mower) 137


The Egholm mulch mower 1500 is quick, robust and efficient. It is able to mow even large lawns in record time. Its cutting width is 1500 mm and its working speed is up to 9 km/h, terrain permitting - and always leaves a beautiful result.

The mulch mower fertilises the lawn while it being mowed. It finely mulches and spreads the cuttings while blowing them into the bottom of the lawn where they fertilise the soil. This means that the grass clippings need not be removed and moss will have a hard time settling in a fertilised lawn! When the mower is used as a mulch mower, the lawn is left especially even and beautiful.

Using the hydraulic system of the City Ranger 3070, the cutter can be swivelled into a vertical position. This vertical cutter position allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the cutter itself. 

If the cutter is to be stored in a vertical position, two support wheels ensure stability and easy transport to where the cutter is to be stored.

Adjusting the cutting height between 30 and 80 mm is easy. It is done hydraulically from the operator’s seat - simply and accurately.

The cutter is equipped with a heavy cutting screen with a reinforced edge. Due to its articulated construction, it is extremely manoeuvrable which means that it can access any area. At the same time, it provides a good overview of the cutter during operation. 


Sortering 30
Standard Equipment

Hydraulic tipping function
Using the control handle, the cutter can be tipped into vertical position for easy cleaning and maintenance of the cutter.

Hydraulic height adjustment
The cutting height is adjustable using the hydraulic system of the machine.

Specially developed blades
The cutter is equipped with specially developed blades which ensure a nice result in shorter time and using less power.

Support wheels
When the cutter is disassembled from the machine, it can be tipped to rest on two support wheels for easier transportation and storage.

Piano wheels
Piano wheels which move the cutter in line with the manoeuvring are equipped with heavy slide bearings in their wheel forks for durability.

Reverse function
The machine provides the absolute best conditions for air supply and cooling by means of temporary air reversal through the cooling unit, which blows away any grass inside the intake grid

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Fits City Ranger 3070
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