Tipper trailer


The tipper trailer is designed to make light work of transporting bulk loads such as park and garden refuse. 

Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1935 / 1210 (2150) | 1939 / 2060 (2250/2260)
Length 4340 (2150) | 4500 (2250/2260)
Width 1025 (2150) | 1068 (2250/2260)
Height 850
Length 2100
Width 1025
Load carrying capacity, max. 440
Loading height 850
Platform, height 310
Platform, height with optional side extensions 350
Platform, length 1500
Platform, width 950
Volume 0.44
Volume with side extensions 1.02
Weight 160


The trailer has fixed headboard and sides and a drop tailboard.

The standard loading capacity of 600 kg increases with the optional side extensions to 1.02 m3.

Loading is done easily thanks to the low loading height of the trailer, and unloading follows hydraulically from the operator´s seat.

The trailer comes standard with a support wheel, which is useful when dismounting and storing the trailer.


XAL item number E90101151
Sortering 120
Header Tipper trailer
Standard Equipment

Steel chassis
The tipper trailer features a strongly built steel chassis with fixed headboard and sides.

Hydraulic tip function
The unloading of the 0,44 m3 trailer is easily done via the joystick from the comfort of the driver seat.

Support wheel
The support wheel allows for easy attaching, detaching and storage. 

Extra Equipment

Side extensions
The optional side extensions increase the volume of the trailer. The side extensions are 40 cm in the height.

The galvanized beam with rear lights makes the trailer visible in traffic.

APP fits Park Ranger 2150, City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 2260, Egholm 2100, Egholm 2200
APP product type Attachment
Fits Park Ranger 2150, City Ranger 2260
Tech Document Title Technical data - Tipper trailer
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2150 Tipper trailer