Weed brush


The weed brush for paved areas - enemy of weed, friend of the environment.

Height with / without cabin 1935 / 1850
Length 3300
Width 1230
Height 630
Length 1450
Width 900
Brush diameter Ø 700
Brush speed 0-114
Ground clearance below brush 160
Ground clearance below suction mouth (option) 30
Operating speed 2-4
Working width 700
Weight 85


This powerful steel brush rakes up the weeds and stresses any new sprouts. If the weed brush is combined with the suction sweeper hopper, you also sweep up the loose weeds, the seeds of the weeds and the fine layer of fertile soil.

The weed brush is fully hydraulically adjustable in all directions. Its heavy-duty steel brushes are adjusted from the driver’s seat so that the pressure is either applied precisely where the weeds are firmly rooted or is evenly distributed across the paved surface.

The weed brush is gentle on the paving due to its hydraulic adjustment, the quality of the brush and the size of the machine.


XAL item number E90101031
Sortering 18
Header Weed brush
Standard Equipment

Hydraulic adjustable brush
The flexible brush is controlled by the hydraulic system of the machine.

Brush regulator
The brush regulator allows you to adjust the brush speed.

The guard prevents weeds from spreading over a wide area and for collecting the weeds under the vacuum nozzle.

Extra Equipment

Vacuum nozzle and hopper
A dedicated vacuum nozzle with a integrated brush cylinder makes it possible to combine the weed brush with the suction sweeper hopper allowing you to vacuum the uprooted weeds into the hopper immediately.

APP fits Park Ranger 2150, Egholm 2100
APP product type Attachment
Fits Park Ranger 2150
Tech Document Title Technical data - Weed brush
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - Weed brush
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2150 Weed brush