Weed brush (soft brush)


The flat steel bristles agitates and removes weeds while being gentle on surfaces. Ideal for flagstones that are susceptible to marking and need regular weeding. The weed brush is the perfect, most-effective eco-friendly tool for keeping outdoor areas weed-free.

Height / with beacon 2000 / 2210
Length 5040
Width 1220
Height 850
Length 1500
Width 1000
Brush diameter Ø 675
Brush speed 0-114
Clearance below suction mouth 90
Ground clearance below brush 330
Operating speed 2-4
Working width 2100
Weight 128


There isn’t a weed anywhere that can resist the rotating brush as it sweeps over them. The brush scours weeds loose and stresses new shoots. Regular brushing keeps an area weed-free without the use of pesticides.

The weed brush is extremely manoeuvrable and very easy and precise to work with. It is hydraulically-adjustable in all directions. The brush head can be turned and angled so that the work is done exactly where you want it. The brush works on flats, slants, right angles and circles - fighting weeds on flat open areas, on kerbs and around lampposts. The weed brush can be fitted with a vacuum nozzle (optional equipment) and combined with the suction sweeper hopper it can remove all of the weeded material and any new seeds. It is very effective at  preventing and fighting weeds, and cleans up as it goes.


XAL item number E56000800
Sortering 18
Standard Equipment

Hydraulic adjustable brush
The flexible brush is controlled by the hydraulic system of the machine. Its flexibility allows you to brush 3/4 of the way around a lamppost.

Support strut
Attaching and detaching is easy with the automatic support strut.

Brush regulator
The brush regulator allows you to adjust the brush speed and the direction can be adjusted on the display for the best result.

Soft weed brush
The flat steel bristles agitates and removes weeds while being gentle on surfaces. Ideal for flagstones that are susceptible to marking and need regular weeding. The weed brush can be mounted with either soft weed brush or hard weed brush as standard.

Adjustable weight distribution
For optimum functionality as well as minimum wear of the attachment.

Extra Equipment

The guard prevents weeds from spreading over a wide area and for collecting the weeds under the vacuum nozzle.

Vacuum nozzle & hopper
A dedicated vacuum nozzle makes it possible to combine the weed brush with the suction sweeper hopper allowing you to vacuum the uprooted weeds into the hopper immediately.

Hard weed brush
The hard weed brush is a mix of flat steel bristles and steel wires. This is for heavy work on bigger, stronger weeds. Ideal for flagstones and asphalt paths that need regular weeding.

APP fits City Ranger 3070
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 3070
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3070 weed brush