Suction sweeper


The City Ranger can be fitted with a complete suction sweeper unit offering professional sweeping performance. 

Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1939 / 2060
Length 2820
Length with 3rd and 4th brush 3400
Width 1200
Width with 3rd and 4th brush 2100
Fresh water tank capacity 100
Hopper gross volume 546
Hopper load, max. 300
Hopper net volume (EN 15429-1) 450
Tipping height 1300
Height 600
Length 900
Width 1100
Payload with cabin 405
Weight - 3rd or 4th brush 22
Weight - front brushes, 2 brushes 79
Weight - hopper 179
Weight with cabin 1205
Air flow 2700
Air speed 155
Brush diameter Ø 570
Brush speed 0-100
Clearance below suction mouth 55
Dust levels: EUnited PM10 and PM2.5 * * * *
Ground clearance below brushes 140
Noise level - outside LwA (2000/14/EC) 106
Suction tube diameter Ø 150
Turning circle - 2 brushes and hopper (wall to wall) (EN 15429-1) 3520
Working width - 2 brushes 1200
Working width up to - 3rd / 4th brush 1650 / 2100


Indispensable in all seasons, the suction sweeper turns your City Ranger into a truly versatile machine for all jobs. In spring the operator can clean grit and grime left over from the winter from streets and paths. In summer it keeps the outdoor areas free of cans, paper, litter etc. And in autumn it takes care of windblown leaves and dirt. 

The suction sweeper is effective everywhere - on paths and pavements, verges, driveways, outdoor and indoor parking areas, etc. The suction sweeper has a remote vacuum hose, a water tank and a hopper for the collected rubbish. It can be fitted with two, three or four brushes. With high suction power, low emission and noise levels you have a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly utility machine that ensures perfect cleaning results.

The suction sweeper unit is certified with a 4-star rating according to the new EUnited certification for PM10 and PM2.5.


XAL item number E70100071/E70100065
Sortering 10
Header Suction sweeper
Standard Equipment

As standard the hopper has a rotation filter system and a fresh water tank with 100 l capacity.

Front brush unit
The standard unit consists of two front brushes, each particular fitted with a water nozzle and a suction mouth. This newly developed suction mouth has been designed with fewer mechanical parts for lower operations- and maintenance costs. The new shutter system ensures maximum vacuum while minimizing the risk of clogging.

Nose wheel
The stand for attaching, detaching and storing the hopper allows you to attach/detach the hopper in just 1 minute supporting the multi-functionality of the machine.

Hopper stand
The stand for attaching, detaching and storing the hopper allows you to attach/detach the hopper in just 1 minute supporting the multi-functionality of the machine.

Water meter / indicator
There is a water meter on the side of the hopper and a water indicator in the cabin. They ensure an excellent overview over your water consumption and capacity.

Wander hose
The wander hose system is handy for areas out of reach of the suction sweeper unit. With easy access, great mobility and excellent suction performance, cleaning tasks around park bins, benches, steps, tress and other obstacles can be done in no time and with good results. Specifications: 5 m x Ø150 mm.

Extra Equipment

3rd and/or 4th brush
The suction sweeper can be equipped with 2-4 brushes - the two front brushes are standard and the two side-brushes are optional extras. Each brush is equipped with a water sprayer to prevent dust spreading while the unit is working. The front brushes are height-adjustable via a nose wheel.

High pressure washer
A long and flexible high pressure hose and lance makes the cleaning of statues, park bins and benches easy. The lance is ergonomic and water amounts can be adjusted to conserve water. Specifications: 6 m hose, 100 bar and 6,5 l/min.

Suction nozzle with centre brush
As an alternative to the recently developed suction nozzle, it is now possible to buy a sweep/suction system with Egholm's regular suction nozzle with a centre brush.



APP fits City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 2260, Egholm 2200
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 2260
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2260 Suction sweeper