Suction sweeper


The machine can be fitted with a complete suction sweeper unit offering professional sweeping performance. 

Height with / without cabin 1935 / 1850
Height with remote wander hose 2200
Length 2900
Width 1200
Fresh water tank capacity 100
Hopper gross volume 458
Hopper load, max. 300
Hopper net volume (EN 15429-1) 438
Tipping height 1300
Height 1920
Length 1350
Width 1010
Payload with / without cabin 340 / 450
Weight - 3rd brush 23
Weight - front brushes, 2 brushes 68
Weight - hopper 135
Weight with / without cabin 960 / 850
Air flow 2500
Air speed 140
Brush diameter Ø 570
Brush speed 0-140
Clearance below suction mouth 55
Dust levels: EUnited PM10 and PM2.5 * * * *
Ground clearance below brushes 140
Noise level - outside LwA (2000/14/EC) 107
Suction tube diameter Ø 150
Turning circle - 2 brushes and hopper (wall to wall) (EN 15429-1) 3240
Working width - 2 brushes 1220
Working width up to - 3rd brush 1660


The Park Ranger 2150 can be fitted with a complete suction sweeper unit offering professional sweeping performance. It is highly manoeuvrable - also in narrow areas and ideal for sweeping in underground facilities due to the low overall height. 

Equipped with the suction sweeper unit the Park Ranger 2150 is an effective choice for sweeping footpaths, pavements, car parks, stairwells etc. 

The sweeper unit features a fibreglass high tip hopper and a rotation cast fresh water tank. It is a robust and compact machine with low noise operation. Hopper discharge follows directly from the driver´s seat.

The dust is fully under control with the Egholm suction sweeper unit. Two spray jets mounted on the front brushes dampen the sweeping area and thereby bind the dust. The hopper features an innovative filter system binding even the smallest dust particles inside the hopper.

The spiral brush almost feeds the swept material into the suction hose, which allows all sweepings a problem free passing to the hopper.


XAL item number E90101332/E90101041
Sortering 10
Header Suction sweeper
Standard Equipment

Self-cleaning filter system
As standard the hopper has a rotation filter system and a fresh water tank with 100 l capacity.

Hopper stand
Frame for easy fitting, removal and storage of the hopper.

Height regulation
Nose wheel for height regulation of the front brushes for excellent sweeping result and minimal brush wear.

Speed adjustment
Adjustable speed of the front brushes is standard.


Extra Equipment

External wander hose
The external vacuum hose is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as between parked bicycles or in stairwells. The 6 m hose is stored on top of the hopper and is always ready to use.

Third side brush
Extends the sweeping width to 1660 mm. This brush is operated hydraulically, which makes it perfect for sweeping right up to house walls or under benches, for example.

APP fits Park Ranger 2150, Egholm 2100
APP product type Attachment
Fits Park Ranger 2150
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2150 Suction sweeper