Suction sweeper (poly-/steel brushes)


The City Ranger 3070, can be fitted with a complete suction sweeper unit with poly-/steel brushes offering professional sweeping performance. Recirculation water system included.

Height / with beacon 2000 / 2210
Length 4242
Length with 3rd brush 4670
Width 1430
Fresh water tank capacity 190
Hopper gross volume 1050
Hopper net volume (EN 15429-1) 950
Recirculation water volume (recommended) 125
Tipping height 1700
Payload 730
Weight 2270
Weight - front brushes, 2 brushes 140
Weight - front brushes, 2 brushes + 3rd brush 200
Weight - hopper (excl. options) 330
Air flow - Boost mode 3150
Air speed - Boost mode 158
Brush diameter - 3rd brush 570
Brush diameter Ø 850
Brush speed 0-80
Clearance below suction mouth 110
Dust levels: EUnited PM10 and PM2.5 * * * *
Ground clearance below brushes 170
Noise level LwA - ECO-mode (2000/14/EC) 99
Suction mouth, width x length 721 x 360
Suction tube diameter Ø 160
Suction width, suction mouth, min. - max. 370 - 705
Turning circle - 2 brushes (Ø570) and hopper (wall to wall), min. - max. 4551 - 5300
Turning circle - 2 brushes (Ø850) and hopper (wall to wall), min. - max. 4730 - 5580
Turning circle - 2 brushes and hopper (wall to wall) (EN 15429-1) 5217 - 5750
Working width - 2 brushes (Ø570), max. (brushes) 2060
Working width - 2 brushes (Ø570), min. (top plate brushes) 1262
Working width - 2 brushes (Ø850), max. (brushes) 2300
Working width - 2 brushes (Ø850), min. (top plate brushes) 1430
Working width - 3 brushes (Ø850), max. (brushes) 2770


The suction sweeper 3070 provides high suction performance and excellent manoeuvrability for cleaning the inner city. The ergonomically designed cabin with 360 degree view of the surroundings and multifunction joystick makes it a joy to operate. With the ability to adapt suction width and strength to larger and heavier tasks as well as to smaller lighter tasks, the unique sweeping system has been designed for all inner city area. Quick-shift attachment change in 1 minute and the water rotation filter principle to reduce dust are Egholm trademarks.


XAL item number E56000726/E56000721
Sortering 10
Header Suction sweeper
Standard Equipment

As standard the hopper has a rotation filter system and a fresh water tank with 190 l capacity.

Recirculation water system
With the recirculation water system, you can ensure a constant cleaning of the suction pipe while sweeping sticky material. 125 litre is recommended.

Front brush unit
The unit consists of a suction mouth and two front brushes with a water nozzle on each.

Vacuum sensor
Monitors the flow through the suction hose and gives an indication if the suctions hose is clogged. With this feature, the collection can be optimized.

Brush pressure system
Activating the hydraulic weight distribution makes the front brushes follow ground variations. In addition, the operator can control the brush pressure from the controls in the cabin. Being able to easily adjust the brush pressure to match the types and levels of debris allows the driver to drive with the lowest needed pressure on the brushes, and thereby reduce the wear on them. The system enhances performance and reduces operating costs.

Hopper stand
The stand for attaching, detaching and storing the hopper allows you to attach/detach the hopper in just 1 minute supporting the multifunctionality of the machine.

Extra Equipment

3rd side brush
The 3rd side brush is equipped with a spring-loaded and collision-proof function, increasing the service life of the brush while also safeguarding surrounding objects. The tipping function is controlled via the cabin joystick and the hydraulic system of the machine and can advantageously be activated when encountering depressions, gutters, kerbstones, and the like. With the 3rd side brush sweeping is possible at two levels: while the two front brushes sweep the road, the 3rd side brush can sweep the pavement.

Wander hose
The wander hose system is handy for areas out of reach of the suction sweeper unit. With easy access, great mobility and excellent suction performance, cleaning tasks around park bins, benches, steps, tress and other obstacles can be done in no time and with good results. Specifications: 5 m x Ø150 mm.

High pressure washer
A long and flexible high pressure hose and lance makes the cleaning of statues, park bins and benches easy. The lance is ergonomic and water amounts can be adjusted to conserve water. Specifications: 7.5 m hose, 100 bar and 10 l/min.

Wide-base tires for the basic machine
To improve the operator and driving comfort, whilst also reducing the ground pressure, we recommend wide-base tires when using the suction sweeper. When wide-base tires are mounted, the width of the basic machine is 1300 mm.

Smaller brushes
The suction sweeper is as standard equipped with Ø850 brushes. Smaller Ø570 brushes are optional.

Tiltable front brush function
The front brush can be equipped with a function making it possible to tilt it. When the brush is placed in the outermost position, the tilt function can be used to achieve an extra angle of the brush of up to 7 degrees. The tilt-function is controlled via the cabin joystick and the hydraulic system of the machine and can be advantageously activated when encountering depressions, gutters, kerbstones, and the like. The tilt-function can be mounted on either right, left or both front brushes. It can be mounted from the factory on new front brush units or retrofitted on elderly models.

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Fits City Ranger 3070
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3070 Suction Sweeper