Salt and sand spreader


Winter weather and ice on the ground mean salt and sand. The salt and sand spreader for the City Ranger 3070 is perfect for this job.

Height / with beacon 1939 / 2060
Length 2690
Width 1068
Material amount per m², salt 5-125
Material amount per m², sand 5-50
Operating speed 1-20
Spreading width 1000-5000
Loading height 1290
Spreader load, max. 330
Volume 240
Height with stand 1290
Length with stand 1250
Width 880
Payload with cabin (powder / stainless) 579 / 558
Weight - stand 31
Weight (powder / stainless) 70 / 91
Weight with cabin (powder / stainless) 1031 / 1052


The salt and sand spreader is a perfect match to the front attachments. It has a maximum capacity of 600 l or 950 kg all depending on the material. The spreading width can be adjusted between 1500-6000 mm.

Its clearing width is the same as i.e. snow plough or snow sweeper, so snow is cleared first, and then the salt or sand is spread. The clearing width of the salt and sand spreader can be increased, up to 6 m if needed, which is highly effective when gritting parking areas or fighting freezing rain.

The salt and sand spreader is funnel-shaped so that salt, sand or gravel is pressed down by its own weight. Even wet material flows freely. A stirrer prevents clotting while an auger drives the material down onto the spreader plate for the correct spreading width.

The stirrer and the dosing to be adjusted individually, so that you never use more material than needed - to the benefit of both the environment and the operating costs. The amount of material is manually set by the operator.

Due to a large volume of the spreader, it spreader runs far on one filling. Start/stop function ensures spreading only when the machine is moving.


XAL item number E56000900
Sortering 100
Standard Equipment

Start/stop function
The start/stop function ensures that the spreading follows the motion of the vehicle. All spreading stops when the vehicle stops moving.

Tarpaulin cover
A folded cover keeps the material dry and thereby indirectly improve the spreading accuracy.

Safety net/grid
A net is placed on the top of the spreader to restrict access into the auger - thereby reducing risk of injuries. The net has an easy lock system, which makes it easy to remove if you need to get access to the auger.

Holes for forklift
The spreader is constructed with two holes in the bottom which allows for attachment or detachment by a forklift or similar. Thereby the spreader can easily be stored on warehouse racks or similar when not in use.

The stirrer prevents blocking, crushes lumps and ensures precise and uniform spreading - and thereby even thawing of the ground. 

For easy inspection of spreader.

Speed dependant function
Spreading of material depends on driving speed.

Extra Equipment

A stand for attaching/detaching the salt and sand spreder. The stand has wheels, making it easy to move the spreader into storage without heavy lifting. The stand is the same as the one used for the suction sweeper - just use the included adaptor. In case you have a stand already, the adaptor can be bought separately.

Flash light
Flash light on the salt and sand spreader ensures an extra safety parameter.

Rear working light
The operator can inspect and adjust the spreading disc when working in dark conditions.

Auger cover for vacuum salt
The cover ensures that tiny material such as vacuum salt, does not just run out of the spreader, which reduces the waste and increase the operation efficiency.

Turf tires for the basic machine
Though they are named turf tires they are also excellent for winter driving. The way the thread pattern is designed means you will have a minimum of snow build up in the tire thread. This allows for a good traction when driving in snow. Type approval of the machine does not include turf tires and 15"" winter tires with snow chains.

Winter tires (15”) with snow chains for the basic machine
Can be useful in snowy conditions, on steep hills or icy surfaces. The chains provides a better grip and increase the efficiency of the operation. Type approval of the machine does not include turf tires and 15"" winter tires with snow chains.

APP fits City Ranger 3070
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 3070
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3070 Salt- & sandspreader