Salt and sand spreader


Winter weather and ice on the ground mean salt and sand, and the salt and sand spreader is perfect for the job. 

Height with cabin 1935
Length 2510
Width 1015
Operating speed 1-16
Spreading width 1000-5000
Loading height 1250
Spreader load, max. 350
Volume 210
Height with stand 1350
Length with stand 1175
Width 800
Payload with cabin 440
Weight 97
Weight - stand 31
Weight with cabin 860


With Egholms salt and sand spreader, you are well-equipped to keep slippery conditions under control! 

It comes with a stainless container as standard. A specially-integrated air intake draws air into the tool; to also protect the engine of the basic machine from salty dust.

This salt and sand spreader is constructed from only robust components. Its distribution plate is hard-wearing which means that it handles salt, sand, chips and broken stones. A variable dosing auger ensures a precise and uniform distribution of the material and, thus, also an even thawing of e.g. bicycle paths, pavements or parking areas. It is manually adjusted to the weather and drive speed to ensure that only the quantity required is spread.

The spread width may be adjusted from 1-5 m and may also be adjusted for sideways spreading when this is required by the terrain. The Egholm stirring system prevents any bridging of the material. The covering  tarp protecting the material from precipitation is an accessory.

This salt and sand spreader may be ideally combined with both a snow plough, a V-blade, a snow thrower and a pivoting brush. The Park Ranger 2150 thus simultaneously both clears snow and protects against slippery conditions.


XAL item number E90101371
Sortering 180
Header Salt and sand spreader
Standard Equipment

Durable material
All parts that get in contact with salt and sand are rust free, made of synthetic material or stainless steel.

The stirrer prevents blocking, crushes lumps and ensures precise and uniform spreading - and thereby even thawing of the ground. Made of hardened Hardox steel the stirrer fingers are extremely robust.

Material storage
There is space for extra bags of salt and sand on top of the hopper grate, enabling the operator to fill the salt and sand spreader on site. Please note the maximum loading capacity.

A stand for attaching/detaching is delivered with the spreader as standard. The stand has wheels, making it easy to move the spreader into storage without heavy lifting.

Tarpaulin cover
A cover keeps the material dry and thereby indirectly improve the spreading accuracy.

Extra Equipment

Auger cover for vacuum salt
The cover ensures that tiny material such as vacuum salt, does not just run out of the spreader, which reduces the waste and increase the operation efficiency.

APP fits Park Ranger 2150, Egholm 2100
APP product type Attachment
Fits Park Ranger 2150
Tech Document Title Technical data - Salt and sand spreader
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - Salt and sand spreader
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