Snow blower


The snow blower gives extra power for clearing snow.  

Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1939 / 2060
Length 3150
Width 1068
Auger diameter 460
Axle revolutions per minute 1000
Clearing width 1003
Ejection chute diameter 350
Feed intake height 700
Ground clearance below snow blower 250
Height 1500
Length 850
Width 1010
Weight 170


Combine the snow blower with the already powerful City Ranger, it clears snow up to a metre high. It is specially-built to deal with heavy work and well-suited to more demanding sites such as ski resorts. 

It is also very useful in locations where there is not enough room to clear the snow to the side.

The snow blower works in two stages. The auger ingests the snow and feeds it to the blower chute, which ejects the snow 5-10 metres away, depending on the operator setting. The setting (direction of ejection and height) is controlled from the cabin seat.  

The snow blower is often used with the salt and sand spreader, which makes paths even safer. 


XAL item number E70101171
Sortering 150
Extra Equipment

If the snow blower is being used without the salt and sand spreader we recommend the use of a counterweight for balancing.

APP fits City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 2260, Egholm 2200
APP product type Attachment
Fits City Ranger 2260
Tech Document Title Technical data - Snow blower
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - Snow blower
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2260 Snow blower