City Ranger 3070


A high-end compact utility machine for all-day maintenance of large outdoor areas.

Allowed axle load, back 2000
Allowed axle load, front 2000
Gross vehicle weight 3000
Max. combined weight with brakes 5000
Max. combined weight without brakes 3000
Max. permitted trailer weight with brakes 2000
Max. permitted trailer weight without brakes 750
Payload 1200
Weight basic machine 1800
Auxiliary hydraulic (AUX 1) and (AUX 2) front - flow 0-12
Auxiliary hydraulic (AUX 1) and (AUX 2) front - max. pressure 210
Auxiliary hydraulic (AUX) rear - flow 0-12
Auxiliary hydraulic (AUX) rear - max. pressure 210
Operating speed, max. 40
Turning circle - inside 1650
Turning circle - kerb to kerb 4120
Working hydraulic (PTO) front / rear - flow 0-60
Working hydraulic (PTO) front / rear - max. pressure 220
Height / with beacon 2000 / 2210
Length 3685
Width 1220
Engine EU norm Stage V
Engine model Perkins diesel 404J-E22TA
Engine power 74 / 55
Fuel tank capacity 50
Noise level - operators seat (Inside - 2009/76/EC) 68
Noise level - passing (Outside - 2009/63/EC) 76


City Ranger 3070 sets new standards in this machine class in many areas. Thanks to the unique Quick-shift, attachment changes can be made in just one minute. With the powerful articulation, the City Ranger 3070 has an incredibly small inside turning circle of only 1650 mm allowing operators to access confined spaces and to operate close to obstacles. Also with the basic machine weighing only 1710 kg, ground pressure is low enough to be used on sensitive surfaces like lawns and pavements.

Operating a machine for many hours a day can be demanding on the operator. Therefore we have focused on ensuring optimum operator comfort. Factors such as a multi-adjustable working position, low cabin noise - only 68 dB(A), a unique ventilation system with A/C as standard and a 360 degree view of the work area are just some of the features contributing to a good working environment.

The powerful 74 hp Stage V diesel engine is based on future-proof technology. The City Ranger 3070 therefore meets the strictest emission requirements for diesel engines, and with that the limits set by most cities for particle emissions.


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Header Basic machine

360 degree view to the surroundings
4 wheel drive
Adjustable steering and seat
Air condition
Articulated flexibility
Diesel motor
Dust free cabin - pollen F7 filter 
Easy and simple handling
Easy to operate - all controls in one place
ECO mode
High efficiency engine
High manoeuvrability
High operator comport
Low noise level
Low turning circle
Low cost operation and maintenance
No tools required for attachment change
Quick change of attachments - less than 1 min.
Tailormade attachments
Unique debris collection
Unique engine compartment

Standard Equipment

Standard tires
All season M+S (Mud & Snow) tires with good winter capabilities are standard.

A/C provides a comfortable working environment.

Comfort seat
The comfort seat offers several adjustment possibilities ensuring a good working position for the operator.

Trailer plug
For the use of trailer.

Tip for trailer
Hydraulic connections for the use of trailer tip etc.

Extra Equipment

Wide-base tires
Type M+S. Improve the operator and driving comfort, whilst also reducing the ground pressure. With wide-base tires the width of the basic machine is 1280 mm.

Grass/turf tires
Significant reduction of ground pressure gives access to sensitive areas and improves comfort. It is optimal for soft conditions due to a high traction - e.g. golf and football pitches. It also has good performance in snowy conditions.

Winter tires with snow chains
Type M+S. When snowy and icy roads, the utility machines grip is significantly impaired. When you use snow chains, you increase the machines grip and stability and thereby increase safety.

High-end comfort seat
The market leading ISRI comfort seat ensures good operator comfort and an ergonomic working position for long working days. Included: Air suspension adjusting to operator weight, heated seat, adjustable lumbar support, neck and back rest, armrest and 3 point seat belt.

Working lights - top
Extra LED lights mounted just below the standard lights of the machine. These lights provide a clear overview of surroundings and obstacles.

Working lights - middle
The middle LED lights provides an excellent view of the attachment, as well as close surroundings and confined spaces. All working lights are ideal for night operation.

Beacon & rear working light
Beacon and rear working light can be mounted in either left and/or right side of the machine. The rotating warning light alerts about the presence of the machine at a 360 degree angle. Beacon and rear working light come in set.

Door with window
Left or right door with window enables easy access to e.g. the card reader of car park barriers.

Rear view camera & colour screen
Rear view camera with a colour screen ensures good visibility in confined spaces, where the operated path can be inspected. It also improves safety in pedestrian zones.

Blue-tooth radio
FM or DAB+ with integrated speakers in the headliner.

Comfort package
Cruise control improves the driving comfort and the operator can focus more on operation and steering. It is easy to keep track of the daily or weekly operating hours with the trip meter. With the auto-lift function you can select if the machine should automatically lift the attachment when reversing.

Heated side view mirrors
A convenient way to clear away ice, snow and dew from your mirrors.

Reversing alarm
An alarm when reversing increases the safety in city centers and pedestrian areas. Type: BU1.

Is mounted for the use of trailer.

Anti-corrosion treatment
The anti-corrosion treatment of the basic machine is recommended when operating in the winter season.

Colour changes
The standard green colour can be changed to the desired RAL colour for your specific needs.

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Manual 3 Title Operator´s manual - 3070 A0 - 02
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