Egholm 2200


The predecessor to the City Ranger 2260. Attachments from the City Ranger 2260 are convertible with the Egholm 2200 and vice versa.

Allowed axle load, back 820
Allowed axle load, front 790
Gross vehicle weight 1610
Max. combined weight with brakes 2500
Max. combined weight without brakes 2050
Max. permitted trailer weight with brakes 1500
Max. permitted trailer weight without brakes 750
Weight with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 820 / 760
Operating speed, max. 21
Turning circle - inside 1200
Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) 1960 / 2000
Length 2400
Width 1040
Engine EU norm Stage IIIA
Engine model Daihatsu Diesel
Engine power 34 / 25
Fuel consumption at 3600 rpm 3.5
Fuel consumption (EN 15429-2) 0
Fuel tank capacity 38
Noise level - operators seat (Inside - 98/37EF) 85
Noise level - passing (Outside - EEC-norm 74/151) 77


The machine was produced until 2011. The Egholm 2200 was the first generation in the 2200 series of Egholm's utility machines and is broadly similar to what characterizes utility machines today.



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Header Basic machine

4 wheel drive
Adjustable steering and seat
Air condition (option)
Articulated flexibility
Compact design
Dust free cabin - pollen F8 filter 
Easy and simple handling
Easy to operate - all controls in one place
High manoeuvrability
High operator comport
Light weight on green areas
Low turning circle
Low cost operation and maintenance
No tools required for attachment change
Diesel motor
Quick change of attachments - less than 1 min.
Tailormade attachments

Standard Equipment

EU standard driving lights plus two extra lights positioned high on the front (ideal for snow sweeping) and an extra light on the back. Only standard on basic machines with cabin.

Supplied via eight turnable diffusers (as AC).

Radio with cd.

Extra Equipment

Air condition (AC)
AC can be installed without having to modify the machine dimensions. The height of the machine stays less than two metres and can still easily be stored in garages or go into underground parking areas. Shared between eight adjustable air ducts, the AC ensures pleasant cabin conditions.

This seat option offers several adjustment possibilities and air suspension for extra comfort. There is two different variants - one with nappa and one with fabric.

ROPS approved cabin including lights, mirrors, beacon and heating.

Roll bar
ROPS approved roll bar for basic machines without cabin. including lights and mirrors.

Reversing alarm
An alarm when reversing increases the safety in city centres and pedestrian areas.

Top filter
For extra protection against overheating of the engine it is recommended to equip your City Ranger 2200 with a top filter when mowing the grass.

Anti-corrosion treatment
The anti corrosion treatment of the basic machine is recommended when operating in the winter season.

Colour changes
The standard green colour can be changed to the desired RAL colour for your specific needs.

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Brochure Title Brochure - CR 2200
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Video 1 title City Ranger 2260 - Check and maintenance
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Video 2 title City Ranger 2260 - Quick-shift - Change of attachments
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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - CR 2200
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