Park Ranger 2150


An all-round machine with tailor-made attachments for all kinds of outdoor maintenance jobs.

Allowed axle load, back 740
Allowed axle load, front 740
Gross vehicle weight 1300
Max. combined weight with brakes 2800
Max. combined weight without brakes 2050
Max. permitted trailer weight with brakes 1500
Max. permitted trailer weight without brakes 750
Payload with / without cabin 630 / 740
Weight with / without cabin 670 / 560
Operating speed, max. 16
Turning circle - inside 1100
Turning circle - kerb to kerb 3000
Height with / without cabin 1935 / 1210
Length 2225
Width 1015
Engine EU norm Stage V
Engine model Perkins diesel 403J-11
Engine power 26 / 19
Fuel consumption at 2400 rpm (EN 15429-2) 2.8
Fuel consumption at 3400 rpm (EN 15429-2) 4.6
Fuel tank capacity 20
Noise level - operators seat (Inside - 2009/76/EC) N/A
Noise level - passing (Outside - 2009/63/EC) N/A


The Park Ranger 2150 is the most attractive choice within the compact machine class. With tailor-made quality attachments, fully aligned with the machine, you have 18 dedicated machines in one. With compact dimensions and great manoeuvrability you have easy access to narrow areas and places and versatile handling of all ground care and winter assignments as well as the suction/sweeper jobs. With the powerful 26 HP Stage V Perkins engine and 4 wheel drive you always have the needed power and traction needed for your tasks. Furthermore, you have a utility machine which lives up to the emission standards of the future.


XAL item number E97200000
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Header Basic machine

4 wheel drive
Articulated flexibility
Compact design
Diesel motor
Easy and simple handling
High manoeuvrability
Light weight on green areas
Low turning circle
Low cost operation and maintenance
No tools required for attachment change
Quick change of attachments - less than 4 min.
Tailormade attachments

Standard Equipment

Hydraulic drive. Pure hydraulic-driven utility machine only requiring minimal maintenance.

The oil type is Rando HDZ 68, tank capacity is 15 l. Working pressure of up to 180 bar.

Lights and mirrors
For machines with cabin EU standard driving lights are placed at the top of the cabin and side mirrors at the side of the cabin.

Machines without cabin are fitted with stop and indicator lights at the back of the machine.

12-volt socket
For mobile phone charger.

TÜV approved (acc. ECE R55).

Extra Equipment

Bluetooth radio with USB port and SD slot or DAB+ radio with Bluetooth. Headset included.

Large radiator cover
Fit your Park Ranger 2150 with the large radiator cover when cutting grass, as the cover protects the engine against overheating.

Load carrier
A practical little load carrier that provides room to transport hand tools.

Shovel and broom holder
A little smart option that provides room to bring a shovel and a broom on the machine.

Anti-corrosion treatment
The anti corrosion treatment of the basic machine is recommended when operating in the winter season.

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Manual 1 Title Operator´s manual - 2150 B1
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Manual 2 Title Operator´s manual - 2150 B0
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Manual 3 Title Operator´s manual - 2150 A0 Perkins
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Manual 4 Title Operator´s manual - Daihatsu
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