Use it.
Don’t own it.

Sometimes, investing in a utility machine can be more than what you need. Sometimes, you just need to get the job done and not worry about a long-term investment. 

So why not rent a professional Egholm machine instead?

Egholm Rental is your way to getting a professional machine for your sweeping, ground care or winter tasks. You can choose a rental period as long - or as short - as you like, and you can choose the attachments you require for the job at hand.

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A load of possibilities

Row 3 - A -Full control of costs

Full control of costs

No surprises - you know exactly what to pay each month. This makes your finances much more transparent and easier to plan.

Row 3 - B - Insourcing more viable

Insourcing more viable

Perhaps it pays better to let your own staff do cleaning and sweeping jobs instead of having an external partner. With Egholm Rental, you can get the equipment you need for the period that suits you best and just get the job done.

Row 3 - C - Try before you buy

Try before you buy

Not sure if a utility machine is the right choice for you? Give it a try and find out! See for yourself how you can work faster and smarter when cutting hedges, sweeping grounds or removing snow.

Row 3 - D - Find the perfect match

Find the perfect match

With a diesel or petrol-driven utility machine, you will be able to find the best solution for your needs. You can also feel confident that your work will always comply with the emission trends and requirements of the future.

Row 4 - A - Expand your work range - picture

Expand your work range

Already own an Egholm utility machine? For each utility machine we offer a wide range of attachments so that you can expand your work range by renting professional tools for ground care, sweeping or winter tasks - for the period of your choice. You can view our complete range at our website.

When you rent an Egholm utility machine, you can choose the attachments you need - and you can always contact us in case your need other ones. Rented attachments will always fit your machine - regardless of its production year.

The unique Egholm attachment change systems will increase your efficiency as change is done in one minute or few minutes and by one person only. No tools are needed and very little training is required.

Four options - and all the flexibility you need

Short-term rental

Short-term rental for only a few weeks is possible if you have a seasonal peak or a major event.

Seasonal rental

Seasonal rental for a period up to 7 months is a great way to increase your capacity during winter or summer.

Long-term rental

Can be any period you choose. Use the machine - and hand it in when your contract is due to expire.You also have the possibility of taking over the machine once the rental period is over.

Attachment rental

Rent professional attachments for ground care, sweeping or winter tasks for the period of your choice.