Weed brush and environmental rake for the Park Ranger 2150 machine
Suction sweeper and mower for the City Ranger 2260 machine
Triplex mower and snow sweeper for the City Ranger 3070 machine

Attachments for Egholm utility machine

The utility machines from Egholm are versatile and reliable machines with a wide range of applications being sweeping, green maintenance, snow removal and much more.

Efficient Street Sweeper Clears Debris and Dust

The street sweeper efficiently clears debris, dust, and litter from parking garages, sidewalks, roadways, and other outdoor areas. Its powerful brushes, adjustable settings, and vacuum systems work in unison to handle different types of waste, from fine particles to larger debris like leaves and gravel.

Attachments for mowing and care

With the right attachments, you can easily achieve a beautiful and well-kept lawn. A wide range of mowers, lawn edgers, flail mower etc. are available for the Egholm utility machines to handle any grass task efficiently, whether it is large lawns or smaller areas with uneven terrain.

Snow removal and winter maintenance

When winter comes, it is important to be ready to tackle snow removal and winter maintenance. For this a wide selection of attachments are available for the The Egholm utility machines: Snow ploughs, salt and sand spreaders, snow blowers and snow sweepers are some of the attachments which make snow removal a quick and efficient task whether you have to clear paths, parking lots or large areas.

Upgrade your work efficiency with Egholm

By choosing Egholm attachments, you can optimize your work and achieve exceptional results. The machine's ease of use, reliability and versatility combined with the right attachments make it possible to carry out a wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently. Even change from one attachment to the other, can be done in just a few minutes - and without any tools.

Whether you need to maintain lawns or clear snow, the Egholm utility machines are the ideal functional choice. Discover the wide range of attachments available and optimize your work efficiency.