Park Ranger 2155 utility machine

Drive with conscience.
Drive with comfort.

The well-known Park Ranger 2150 has undergone a major transformation. Not only has it received a new and more modern design - it has also received a large number of new and/or improved features.

As before, the Park Ranger 2155 is equipped with a reliable and efficient Stage V diesel engine, designed to meet European emission standards - without compromising on performance. The Stage V engine is approved to run on environmentally friendly HVO100 biodiesel.

With the Park Ranger 2155 you are not only future-proofed, you also drive in an environmentally friendly way.

In other words: something good is made even better...


Park Ranger 2155 with weed brush

Among the many new features and improvements are:

Park Ranger 2155 - Drive with comfort
Park Ranger 2155 - with or without cabin

Did you know that the Park Ranger 2155 is approved to run on HVO100 biodiesel?


Quality attachments for a top result every single day

With a wide range of attachments and flexibility the Park Ranger 2155 is the most obvious choice within the compact utility machine class.

Egholm makes no compromises in quality. All attachments are carefully designed to supply the optimum performance in its specific area. 

For the Park Ranger 2155, we have developed attachments for a wide range of outdoor maintenance jobs. Every tool and attachment are developed to deliver top-of-class results with zero compromise in quality, speed or operator safety. Whenever you need to change attachments, it takes less than four minutes to do so - without tools and with no heavy lifting.

Maintaining your parks and other outdoor areas all year round - with the Park Ranger 2155.

At this time we don't have a Park Ranger 2155 change of attachments video instead watch the Park Ranger 2150 video as the easy way you change attachments is the same.

Turning circle

With the efficient articulation, the Park Ranger 2155 has an incredibly small inside turning circle of only 1120 mm allowing the operator to access confined spaces and to operate close to obstacles.

Park Ranger 2155 leaf suction with the suction sweeper

Optimising your maintenance budget

With the Park Ranger 2155, you only need one machine for all your different outdoor maintenance tasks.

Your direct benefits:

  • Low initial investment
  • More yearly working hours - quick return on investment
  • Less training for operating different machines
  • Less space needed for storage facilities

A full range of functional attachments

Attachments for Park Ranger 2155: Suction sweeper, rotary/mulch mower, grass collector, hedge cutter, weed brush, flail mower, lawn edger, environmental rake, leaf suction unit, tipping shovel, tipper trailer, load carrier with tip, snow sweeper, snow blower, snow plough, snow V-plough, salt and sand spreader.

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Technical specifications Unit Basic machine
Length mm 2277
Width mm 1007
Height with cabin / without cabin mm 1987 / 1350
Weight with cabin / without cabin 1 kg 740 / 598
Payload with / without cabin kg 560 / 702
Gross vehicle weight kg 1300
Turning circle - kerb to kerb mm 3180
Turning circle - inside mm 1120
Max. speed km/h 16
Engine model    Perkins diesel 403J-11
EU norm   Stage V
Engine power hp/kW 25 / 18,4
Fuel tank capacity l 20
4 wheel drive   Standard

1Includes: 75 kg driver and 90% fuel capacity.


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