About Egholm

Honest People, Honest Machines, Honest Work

Egholm A/S develops, produces and markets utility machines that keep roads, parks and outdoor areas clean and inviting all year round.  

Built by craftsmen in Denmark, Egholm machines are in operation in cities and parks all over the world. With special attachments developed for the machines, Egholm machines deliver perfect results no matter the task at hand.  

Egholm machines are constructed with a profound respect for craftsmanship and with attention to detail and quality - both for the operator and for those who are going to enjoy the end result of the work done.  

Egholm A/S is a family-owned and family-run company with deep roots in the West of Denmark. Our vision is to become the leading manufacturer of utility machines in Europe, and with the ownership and leadership of the Egholm brothers, we are well under way.  

We supply quality machines and functional attachments to people who do an honest day's work keeping our cities clean, well maintained and attractive. But more than that: We strive to always focus on development, innovation, quality and a clear, direct dialogue with our customers and partners - and that is why we use the term "Honest Work" to describe everything we do.

We believe that a basic utility machine should be capable to operate as a professional and specialized machine with each attachment.

The Egholm founders Kaj and Jens Christian Egholm

Built in Denmark for the cities of the world

Since our early beginnings in the nineties, we have delivered utility machines to municipalities, cities, facility management companies and industrial estates all across the world.

The Egholm utility machines are sold and serviced through a wide network of partners and importers all over the world. With an Egholm subsidiary in Germany and branches in the U.K./Ireland and France supporting the partners and customers, Egholm has a very strong presence not only in Europe, but also in the USA and Canada.



An Egholm utility machine is green in more than one sense - with low particle emissions and high energy efficiency. 

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The pressure on the planet’s resources means that circular thinking is not only an option but a necessity. There is a need to reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure that virgin raw materials are replaced by recycled raw materials.

Think low emissions
At Egholm, we have a sharp focus on recycling and resource efficiency in our everyday operations. However, thinking green requires attention to more than just the materials going into the utility machines. What comes out is equally important.

By using forward-looking technology, Egholm meets the most stringent emission requirements for engines. We manufacture our utility machines to use environmentally friendly diesel (HVO100) and petrol (E85), thus reducing CO2 emissions by 90 % and 65 %, respectively.

Our three utility machines, the Park Ranger 2150, City Ranger 2260, and City Ranger 3070, are all equipped with a Stage V engine - for future environmental standards. 


Think energy efficiency
We never compromise when it comes to future-proofing our machines. It includes a continuous effort to improve energy efficiency and optimise fuel consumption thus lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the utility machine. 

Moreover, we focus on training the people who service and use the machines on a daily basis to ensure the most efficient operation and usage.

It is our ambition to develop the most environmentally friendly utility machines on the market. Customers and end-users should always know that “green” refers to more than just the colour of an Egholm machine! 

At Egholm, we work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Acting responsibly and contributing to sustainable development, both locally and globally, is important to us.

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