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Build your own Egholm machine

It’s as quick as it is easy: Choose your machine – Park Ranger 2155, City Ranger 2260 or City Ranger 3070.  For each machine, you get several numbers of choices for options and attachments. Once you have made the configuration, you can turn it into a request for a demo, more technical information, rental information or a quote from a dealer for the purchase of your chosen Egholm products. 

TIP! Use Google Chrome or another updated browser for the configurations. Do not use Internet Explorer. Avoid using the “back” function of the browser when configuring. Instead use the navigation buttons of the configurator. The configurator is not suitable for use on mobile phones.


Standard equipment

Do you have the machine and only need new attachments?

Attachments - Park Ranger 2155

Park Ranger 2155 tailor-made attachments for all kinds of outdoor maintenance jobs.

Attachments - City Ranger 2260

A complete range of tailor-made Quick-shift attachments ensure perfect results all year round.

Attachments - City Ranger 3070

We are constantly developing new Quick-shift attachments for the City Ranger 3070.

Did you not find what you were looking for ?

If none of the above fits your exact requirements or if you have questions regarding our products, feel free to contact any of our dealers or distributors. You can find contact data in our dealer locator using the link below.