Here you can watch videos of the Egholm machines and attachments and see how quickly you can change the attachments on our machines. Learn how to best maintain your Egholm machine so that it can solve your sweeping, ground care and winter tasks for many years to come.

Change of attachment

Park Ranger 2150

Attachment change in less than 4 minutes without the need for tools.

City Ranger 2260

Attachment change in less than 1 minute with Quick-shift.

City Ranger 3070

Attachment change in less than 1 minute with Quick-shift.

Park Ranger 2150 attachments

Rotary/mulch mower 1000/1200

Cutting grass is a pleasure - even in-between obstacles such as trees and flowerbeds. And the Park Ranger 2150’s lightweight leaves almost no tracks.

Rotary/mulch mower 1500

More mowing in less time with the rotary/mulch mower 1500 - an innovative solution with its unique hydraulic features and newly developed blades.

Hedge cutter

The hedge cutter has a cutting height from 0-320 cm. It is perfect for cutting all kinds of hedges, including thuja, yew and tough beech hedges.

Flail mower

For rough grass areas that do not need to be kept trim and tidy, the efficient flail mower is the ideal solution. It has a cutting width of 1226 mm.

Environmental rake

Fighting weeds without the use of pesticides requires frequent attention. This is where the environmental rake is very useful in the day-to-day work.

Tipping shovel

The tipping shovel makes light work of transporting gravel, sand or aggregates and saves the operator many lifts during the working day.

City Ranger 2260 attachments

Suction sweeper

The suction sweeper is effective everywhere - on paths and pavements, verges, driveways, outdoor and indoor parking areas, etc

Weed brush

The weed brush is the perfect, most-effective eco-friendly tool for keeping outdoor areas weed-free, i.e. pavements, paths, flagstones, asphalt, etc.

Rotary/mulch mower 1200/1600

The rotary/mulch mower is quick, and efficient when it fine-chops the grass and blows it down to the bottom of the lawn or collects it with the grass collector.

Hedge cutter

Long, tall and/or wide hedges can present a real challenge. But not when using a hedge cutter. It is designed for the job

Hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmer is the optimal tool, where minor trimming and general “maintenance” of the hedge takes place.

Lawn edger

When finishing off work on the lawn, the City Ranger is equipped with the edger which effectively maintains lawn edges, whatever their shape.

City Ranger 3070 attachments

Suction sweeper

The City Ranger 3070 can be fitted with a complete suction sweeper unit offering professional sweeping performance.

Snow sweeper

It can completely remove snow to a depth of 25 cm - even when the terrain is uneven, keeping paths clear and dry.

Snow plough

The snow plough handles up to 400 mm of heavy snow. The clearing width is between 1360 and 1500 mm all depending on the inclination of the blade.

Snow V-plough

The snow V-plough uses the tip of the ‘V’ to cut through heavy and encrusted snow, separating and pushing it to both sides. 

Salt and sand spreader

Winter weather and ice on the ground mean salt and sand. The salt and sand spreader for the City Ranger 3070 is perfect for this job.

Weed brush

There isn’t a weed anywhere that can resist the rotating brush as it sweeps over them. Regular brushing keeps an area weed-free without the use of pesticides.

Triplex rotary mower 2500

With a working width of 2.5 metre, the Egholm Triplex rotary mower 2500 can mow even the largest lawns in no time.

Check and maintenance

Park Ranger 2150

This easy to follow video will help to keep your Park Ranger 2150 in good condition and ready for use.

City Ranger 2260

This easy to follow video will help to keep your City Ranger 2260 in good condition and ready for use.

City Ranger 3070

This easy to follow video will help to keep your City Ranger 3070 in good condition and ready for use.