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The Egholm milestones

Egholm Maskiner ApS was founded in the spring of 1992 by the brothers Kaj and Jens Christian Egholm. In the first financial year of the company, it had 4 employees. Since its inception in 1992, Egholm has launched mechanical solutions within the mink industry and agriculture. During its first years, Egholm sold canal stirrers for pig sties and cattle houses. These helped to secure the financial ballast to develop and produce the articulated universal tractor Egholm 2100. In 1999/2000, Egholm divested the production rights to the manure stirrers and mink equipment in order to focus entirely on the further development, production and sales of the Egholm 2100.

Milestone year 1989 1989

The company KE Maskiner was founded in Vandborg by Kaj Egholm. Various agricultural machines were developed, manufactured and sold. Jens Christian Egholm joined the company.

Milestone year 1991 1991

The manure stirrer was patented 1991 and presented at Agromek 1992.

Milestone year 1992 1992

Egholm Maskiner ApS was established in Lemvig. Fully owned by Kaj and Jens Christian Egholm in equal shares. The manure stirrer was launched for cattle producers. The organisation grew to 24 employees.

Milestone year 1993 1993

The slit scraper was presented at Agromek. Egholm Maskiner ApS received the Danpig award.

Milestone year 1994 1994

Powerflex with sweeping/suction system was developed in collaboration with ISS and passed the requirement for tool mounting in less than four minutes.

Milestone year 1995 1995

Powerflex was equipped with a new sweeping/suction system. The "Staldmus" was presented at Agromek 1995. Egholm received the Danish business award, Erhvervsprisen.

Milestone year 1996 1996

Established in Germany with representative office.

Milestone year 1997 1997

Started manufacturing sweeping/suction system for Antonio Carraro utility machines.

Milestone year 1998 1998

Egholm Maskiner ApS was converted into a public limited company (A/S). The ownership remained unchanged. Rewarded as “Gazelle company”. Divestment to Gøl Pelsredskaber of the fur business unit: Minkmaskiner af 1998 A/S.

Milestone year 2000 2000

Launch of Egholm 2100. Utility machine no. 500 manufactured. Named Growth Company of the Year by Unibank. The business unit and patents for Manure Stirrer were sold to the company Reck Machinenbau GmbH in Germany.

Milestone year 2001 2001

Focus on Utility Machines with complete range of tools. 50 % of turnover derived from export. Patented filter system launched.

Milestone year 2002 2002

Utility machine No 1000 handed to the German service company BGL Braun GmbH in Mainz. Sales doubled in two years.

Milestone year 2003 2003

Production facilities expanded with 1900 m2 warehouse and assembly facilities.

Milestone year 2004 2004

German subsidiary Egholm GmbH established in Braunschweig. Received the Danish DI Regional Initiative Award 04. Egholm 2100 launched on the English, Swiss and Austrian markets.

Milestone year 2005 2005

Received the Sparbank Vest Business Award. 49 employees - a doubling in 13 years. Turnover of approx. DKK 61 million. Exports to Germany, England, France, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Finland and the Czech Republic.

Milestone year 2007 2007

CEO appointed.

Milestone year 2008 2008

Introduction of the new model Egholm 2200 T.

Milestone year 2010 2010

Introduction of the updated Egholm 2100: Park Ranger 2150.

Milestone year 2011 2011

Egholm Maskiner A/S sold to Nilfisk and the company changed its name to Nilfisk Outdoor Division A/S.

Milestone year 2014 2014

Introduction of the updated Egholm 2200 T: City Ranger 2250.

Milestone year 2018 2018

Nilfisk wished to divest the Outdoor Division due to changed company strategy.

Milestone year 2019 2019

The Egholm brothers bought back the company from Nilfisk and changed its name to Egholm A/S. The product range was expanded with a larger machine City Ranger 3070 which was partly developed by Nilfisk. The establishment of a complete new distribution network started. The City Ranger 2250 was upgraded with Stage V motor and renamed 2260. The Park Ranger 2150 was upgraded with Stage V motor. Production facilities expanded with 1420 m2 warehouse and assembly facilities.

Milestone year 2020 2020

Received the award “Lemvig Prisen 2019” in saving 100 jobs in the local community. New green attachments for the Park Ranger 2150 and City Ranger 2260 were launched. Machine no. 10000 was sold.

Milestone year 2021 2021

New green attachments for the Park Ranger 2150 and City Ranger 3070 were launched. New winter attachments for the City Ranger 3070 were launched. The City Ranger 3070 was upgraded with Stage V motor. Implementation of the UN sustainable development goals in the production.

Milestone year 2022 2022

City Ranger 3070 no. 100 left the production line. New green and winter attachments for the City Ranger 2260 are launched. The company has an established distribution network of more than 100 partners in 30 countries and 100 employees. The company celebrates its 30 years jubilee.

Milestone year 2023 2023

Egholm crosses the Atlantic and enters into partner agreements in the USA and Canada.

Milestone year 2023 2024

Introduction of the updated Park Ranger 2150: Park Ranger 2155.

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