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Park Ranger 2150

Maintaining your parks and other outdoor areas all year round

With a wide range of attachments and flexibility the Park Ranger 2150 is the most obvious choice within the compact utility machine class.

With the powerful 28 HP diesel engine and 4-wheel drive system, you always have the power and traction needed for your tasks all year round. Its compact dimensions and great manoeuvrability give you easy access to narrow areas and places in all types of ground care and winter assignments - as well as sweeping jobs.

Quality attachments for a top result every single day

Egholm makes no compromises in quality. All attachments are carefully designed to supply the optimum performance in its specific area. 

For the Park Ranger 2150, we have developed 15 dedicated attachments for a wide range of outdoor maintenance jobs. Every tool and attachment are developed to deliver top-of-class results with zero compromise in quality, speed or operator safety. Whenever you need to change attachments, it takes less than four minutes to do so - without tools and with no heavy lifting.

Optimising your maintenance budget

With the Park Ranger 2150, you only need one machine for all your different outdoor maintenance tasks.

Your direct benefits:

  • Low initial investment
  • More yearly working hours - quick return on investment
  • Less training for operating different machines
  • Less space needed for storage facilities
PR 2150 - Image 01
PR 2150 - Image 02

Complete sweeper and suction unit

The Park Ranger 2150 can be fitted with a complete suction sweeper unit offering professional sweeping performance.

It is highly manoeuvrable - also in narrow areas and ideal for sweeping in underground facilities due to the low overall height.

Equipped with the suction sweeper unit the Park Ranger 2150 is an ideal choice for sweeping footpaths, pavements, car parks, stairwells etc.

Dedicated to efficiency

The suction sweeper delivers high suction power ensuring fast and efficient cleaning results. The sweeper unit features a fibreglass high-tip hopper and a spacious water tank of 100 litter. The driver can empty the hopper without leaving the cabin.

The dust is fully under control with the suction sweeper. Two spray jets fitted on the front brushes dampen the sweeping area, binding the dust.

The hopper features an innovative filter system that keeps even the smallest dust particles inside the tank.


Technical specifications Unit Basic machine
Length mm 2225
Width mm 1015
Height with cabin / without cabin mm 1935 / 1210
Weight with cabin / without cabin kg 610 / 485
Payload kg 690 / 815
Gross vehicle weight (GWA) kg 1300
Turning radius (kerb to kerb) mm 1500
Turning radius (inside) mm 550
Engine: Perkins diesel 403D-11 hp/kW 28 / 21
4 wheel drive   Standard

A full range of functional attachments

Sweeping Ground care Winter
Suction sweeper Rotary, mulch or collection mower 1000 Snow sweeper
  Rotary or mulch mower 1200 Snow plough
  Grass collector Snow V-blade
  Flail mower / verticutter Salt and sand
  Lawn edger  
  Leaf suction unit  
  Environmental rake  
  Tipper trailer  
  Load carrier with tip  
  Tipping shovel  


For a full overview of specifications on the basic machine and attachments please visit   DOWNLOADS