Behind the scenes at Disneyland Paris

We have recently delivered our 7th Egholm utility machine to Disneyland Paris.

Providing a new utility machine to Disneyland is always a magical moment! This time, we delivered a City Ranger 2260 with a sweeping unit and winter equipment to the theme park through the French Egholm partner Expert-Nett.

The perfect match

There are several reasons why the City Ranger 2260 is the perfect solution for Disneyland Paris. Its compact design and articulated steering make it easy to manoeuvre the machine in tight spots and around obstacles thus keeping outdoor areas clean and inviting all year.

The easy handling is not only key for efficiency but also the safety of the operator. Furthermore, the powerful engine with four-wheel drive allows the facility department to handle a wide range of maintenance tasks - in and around the theme park.

All set for a magical winter

The Egholm City Ranger 2260 is versatile and specialised to suit any given task. With the large selection of attachments available, the machine performs perfectly - without compromise in quality, speed, or finish.

Besides the sweeping unit including suction tank as well as a high pressure option, the City Ranger 2260 has arrived at Disneyland with three winter attachments: The snow plough, snow sweeper, and salt and sand spreader.

With the winter attachments, the service department is well-equipped to keep parking areas and walkways free of snow throughout the winter. And the unique Egholm Quick-shift system allows the operator to change between attachments in a matter of minutes.

Machine number 7

Keeping an enormous outdoor area clean and tidy is no easy task. It requires the ideal equipment, and we are proud that Disneyland Paris has chosen Egholm utility machines to get the job done. For the 7th time.

Since our first delivery to the theme park, our mutual trust has only grown stronger, and we hope to continue the collaboration for many years to come”, says Pascal Arnould, President of Expert-Nett.



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