Focusing on environment and ergonomics

The new petrol-powered City Ranger 2260 helps Lemvig municipality maintain outdoor areas all year round - with more focus on the environment and better ergonomics for the operator.

The new petrol-powered City Ranger 2260 helps Lemvig municipality maintain its outdoor areas all year round - now with more focus on the environment and with better ergonomics for the operator, Steen Hoffmann. 

The challenge

For a long time Egholm has working towards equipping the City Ranger 2250 with a petrol engine, in order to be able to offer the best possible quality, most versatile and future-proof solutions for the smaller machine class. While focusing on the environment, the market’s needs and, not least, the driver's comfort. Egholm has now introduced the City Ranger 2260.

Lemvig municipality took into account the environment, financial considerations and high comfort when choosing to invest in the City Ranger 2260. Steen Hoffmann is employed by Lemvig Municipality and his job is to clean and maintain the outdoor areas within Lemvig municipality. For the past 11 years he has been serving the citizens of the municipality five days a week, regardless of the weather, in his Egholm City Ranger.

The Solution

Until 5 months ago, Steen drove a City Ranger 2250, but for the past 5 months he has been testing Egholm’s petrol-powered City Ranger 2260.

”I sit inside the machine for up to 6 hours, 5 days a week, so I know it inside out. I am a relatively tall man and at times my job has proven demanding for my knees and legs”.

”The user experience inside the City Ranger 2260 is really good. The new design accelerator pedal means I can relax and in the 5 months I've been testing the City Ranger 2260, I haven't had any knee, leg discomfort. The driver's cab has also become larger, there is much less noise and fewer vibrations when driving on the road”, says Steen.

Read more about the petrol driven City Ranger 2260 here or contact your local distributor for further information on how to improve ergonomics and the environment with City Ranger 2260.


The result

The new City Ranger 2260 also has financial and environmental benefits. One focus area is the reduction of emissions from vehicles - especially the reduction of NOx particles. The City Ranger 2260 meets the new strict emission trends and requirements for a whopping 96% reduction in NOx emissions.

“I thought it would consume more fuel. But the new City Ranger 2260 does not consume any more fuel than the previous City Ranger 2250 and a really important thing to mention is that the new 2260 does not need to warm up before starting. This will be a big advantage in wintertime.”

”At the same time, service and maintenance costs are expected to be lower than the costs of alternative solutions. The total cost is 2% lower compared to the City Ranger 2250 diesel model.

“I couldn't imagine working with other machines than Egholm’s. I use different equipment for winter and non-winter weather conditions. It is important that the equipment solution can be changed quickly and easily. Egholm offers this in the form of the Quick-shift system. The attachment solutions we used on the previous City Ranger 2250, also fits perfectly on the City Ranger 2260”, concludes Steen.

The working day is over for Steen Hoffmann. Now it is time to clean the machine before using it again tomorrow. He pulls out the water hose and with a lively whistle the cleaning starts. 

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