Park Ranger 2150 gets all around the cemetery

The Christians Church in Sønderborg has used Egholm machines for over 20 years.

Compact and multifunctional. These two features that make our Park Ranger 2150 the obvious choice for customers with a need for many types of outdoor maintenance. One of these has been Christians Church in Sønderborg, which has used Egholm machines in its cemetery grounds for over 20 years.

The task

The task

Christians Church has a total area of 8 hectares with many grassy areas, footpaths, pavements, parking spaces and various surfaces, which place demands on all-round maintenance.

The cemetery needs to be swept, weeded, cleared of snow and salt and sand gritted in winter, which requires a flexible multi-machine with a wide range of attachments.

The solution

The solution

The church in Southern Jutland bought its first Egholm machine in 2000. Later a Park Ranger 2150 was added, and a new Park Ranger 2150 was delivered last year.

With its compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability, the Park Ranger 2150 provides easy access to narrow passages for all types of green maintenance, sweeping and winter maintenance tasks.

“The Park Ranger 2150 is perfect for the cemetery because it’s so narrow. With an inside turning circle of just 1100 millimetres, we can get into all corners,” says Kaj Beck Hansen, cemetery assistant at Christians Church.

The result

The result

Park Ranger 2150 keeps outdoor areas clean and tidy all year round. The machine uses six attachments: an environmental rake, weed brush, forage harvester, lawn edger, snow plough and salt and sand spreader.

Kaj Beck Hansen, who has spent many hours behind the wheel over the years, is enthusiastic about how easy it is to use the machine and switch between attachments.

You have a good overview from the cab, the attachments are easy to connect, the machine is easy to use and the technology is user-friendly. You are also close to the attachment in work situations and it gives a good sense of the task at hand,” he says.

The three Park Rangers have been sold to the Christians Church based on a close and long-term collaboration with Egholm partner Hans Holm Maskinforretning A/S.

We are delighted with the professional collaboration we have with Christians Church, which we also help with servicing. Here they are pleased that we come out quickly, so they don’t have to do without their machine for several days at a time,” says Frank Christensen, sales representative at Hans Holm Maskinforretning A/S.



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