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Despite the challenging times in Ukraine, the local Egholm partner SP KBT LLC continues to supply Egholm utility machines for the country.

Chernihiv City

The Ukrainian Egholm partner SP KBT LLC stays strong, never stops, and never gives up. In spite of the war conditions, the company not only continues its day-to-day operations but is also developing its business selling Egholm utility machines in the Ukraine market. “No matter what, the proud and heroic Ukrainian cities are in need of the municipal cleaning solutions which the honest Egholm machines bring”, says Mr. Aleksey Shetsko, Chief Operating Officer at SP KBT LLC.  

In December, the City of Chernihiv expanded its range of professional utility machines. Two new and highly equipped Egholm utility machines - a City Ranger 2260 and a City Ranger 3070. SP KBT LLC provided the sales and the necessary training for the operators. The customer, a municipal servicing company, also signed a service contract to be sure of full confidence with the new ownership.

The two City Rangers have successfully carried out the winter tasks. According to Mr. Sketsko, the customer has been very satisfied with the Egholm solutions which have worked through a season of heavy snowy weather. With Egholm suctions sweeper units, salt and sand spreaders, snow sweepers and snow ploughs, the municipal servicing company is fully equipped with powerful tools for the daily city street cleaning operations.

So far, four City Rangers operate in the city of Chernihiv. Mr. Shetsko is glad to be helpful and hope to be able to continue the cooperation with the Ukrainian cities.

Dnipro City

In March an industrial plant of the City of Dnipro purchased an Egholm solution supporting a high cleaning level for its outdoor areas.

The industrial plant focusses on high cleaning standards. The task has been to maintain a 25 hectares area from dust and general outdoor maintenance during the summer period as well as removal of snow and ice during the winter.

A white City Ranger 3070 was chosen as a professional solution - equipped with a suction sweeper unit with the highest rate of 4 stars EUnited dust control certificate. Furthermore, a snow sweeper and salt and sand spreader have been delivered to the plant to high satisfaction from the customer.

Egholm wishes our partner SP KBT LLC and Mr. Aleksey as well as the Ukrainian customers of Egholm utility machines all the best of luck with the cleaning tasks in Ukraine during these challenging times.


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