Honest Machines

Perfect results regardless of the attachment you choose – sweeping, ground care or winter.

Egholm utility machines are developed by people who are passionate about technology and innovation. 

We listen to the people driving, using and servicing Egholm machines, because they are the true experts. It is our mission to design, build and market utility machines that deliver perfect results in real life.  

Egholm machines are honest machines - not just because they deliver comfort, safety and strong end results: They are also a sound investment for years to come and give you outstanding return on your investment.

The Park Ranger and the City Ranger are utility machines with a wide range of functional attachments that in themselves are designed with the same philosophy in mind: To create real results and to make cities, parks, parking lots and industrial grounds clean and attractive to visit or to work in.   

One basic utility machine can be turned into:

  • A professional sweeping machine
  • A professional winter service machine
  • A professional ground care machine


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