Honest People

The men and women who design, build and service your Egholm utility machine.

We want you to think of us as your partner in every single way. And we always insist on reliability, trust and honesty in our partnership with you and with our network of dealers and service partners. We are straightforward and direct in our communication and in our dealings with everyone. 

Egholm machines are engineered and built by experienced craftsmen at our production facilities in Lemvig, Denmark - in the west of Jutland near the North Sea. The traditional values associated with people from the west coast: Honesty, humility and a strong sense of humour, are also the values that guide us.

It is this belief in hard work and this unwillingness to compromise that helps us deliver the quality for which we are known. And we believe it is reflected by the machines we build for you, as well.

Kaj & Jens Christian Egholm

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