City Ranger 3070 Software update

The salt and sand spreader has received a software update that makes winter maintenance a more precise and sustainable task.

Software update for the salt and sand spreader

The City Ranger 3070 salt and sand spreader has received a software update, enabling more precise and sustainable winter maintenance. The update allows the operator to calibrate the machine for up to five different material settings, such as salt, gravel, or sand, making it easier to use the machine for various purposes.

Fine-Tuning of Spreading Width
The adjustable spreading width can now be fine-tuned even better than before, from 1.5 meters up to 6 meters. This replaces the previous 0-100% adjustment. With the new control, the operator can precisely define how materials are distributed on the road, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective winter maintenance.

Adjustment of Spreading Quantity
The spreading quantity on the City Ranger 3070 can now be adjusted according to g/m2 or kg/min. This ensures a consistent distribution of material regardless of the speed. The machine adjusts the quantity based on the speed, preventing excessive material spread at low speeds. It allows the operator to comply with local regulations regarding the amount of material that can be spread. This is crucial for meeting environmental standards, reducing unnecessary material consumption, and minimizing environmental impact. 

Carsten Thygesen, sales director at Egholm, says, "The new features and improvements make the City Ranger 3070 even more versatile and user-friendly. It becomes an even better choice for municipalities, contractors, and others in need of an efficient salt and gravel spreader."

The new software update is available now
If you own a City Ranger 3070 salt and sand spreader and would like to get the software update, contact your local Egholm dealer who can install the update and ensure the machine functions optimally with the new features. 


The City Ranger 3070 salt and sand spreader has long been known for its reliability and efficiency in winter maintenance. With the ability to calibrate and control the spreading process, it's now easier than ever to adapt the machine to changing weather conditions and road types.

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