Driven by petrol

As per 2019, the City Ranger 2260 will be delivered with petrol engines.

Across Europe, cities are increasingly concerned about air quality and other environmental issues. 

One of these is reducing the emissions from machines and vehicles in the cities - especially reduction of NOx particles is in focus. One solution to this is the use of petrol-fuelled engines. 

As per 2019 the City Ranger 2260 will be delivered with petrol engines, making them good choices for municipalities and service contractors when selecting a new utility machine for city maintenance. City Ranger 2260 is ready to be introduced now and will be delivered with a stage V petrol engine.

But complying with the new emission trends and requirements are not the only benefits you will experience. We expect that the new petrol engines will have lower service and maintenance costs compared to its alternatives as well as higher user comfort. 


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