Increase your working width!

Egholm has developed a 3rd side brush for the suction sweeper of the City Ranger 3070.

Increase your working width with the new 3rd side brush for the City Ranger 3070

With an additional 3rd brush the working width is increased. The compact design enables the machine to sweep under objects such as benches, and the like. The overlapping brushes reduce the risk of leaving traces.

The 3rd side brush is equipped with a spring-loaded and collision-proof function, increasing the service life of the brush while also safeguarding surrounding objects. The tipping function is controlled via the cabin joystick and the hydraulic system of the machine and can advantageously be activated when encountering depressions, gutters, kerbstones, and the like.

With the 3rd side brush sweeping is possible at two levels: while the two front brushes sweep the road, the 3rd side brush can sweep the pavement.


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