Innovative suction sweeper concept

With the launch of the new City Ranger 3070 Egholm introduces an innovation in sweeping technology.

With the launch of the new City Ranger 3070 Egholm also introduces an innovation in sweeping technology. The suction sweeper on the City Ranger 3070 has adjustable suction width and strength, making it possible to adapt performance to each task.

The suction inlet is adjusted according to the position of the brushes. When the brushes are wide open, the suction will be concentrated and heaviest in the two sides (step 1). When the brushes opposite are positioned in the middle, the suction width is smaller and heavier which is good when large things or eg. leaves have to be collected (step 2). 

The spring-loaded sweeper brush arm will flex when hitting obstacles, reducing the risk of breakage. The brushes have an integrated function with a supporting unit minimizing the pressure on the brushes when not in use.

The position change of the sweeping mouth is done from the cabin in a matter of seconds, giving additional flexibility and the ability to perform several different sweeping tasks with the same attachment.

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