More mowing in less time!

Egholm is expanding its range of tools for the City Ranger 2260 with the rotary/mulch mower 1500.

Rotary/mulch mower 1500 for City Ranger 2260

The rotary/mulch mower 1500 is the latest addition to a wide selection of City Ranger 2260 attachments - an innovative solution with its unique hydraulic features and specially developed blades.

Well-groomed grass areas look good and are an attractive asset for visitors and residents. But time and efficiency are of the essence for the municipality, contractor, or park owner responsible for maintaining these green areas.

With a cutting width of 1500 mm and a working speed of up to 10 km/h, the new rotary/mulch mower 1500 helps you cut grass in record time. That goes for even the highest, roughest - and also wet - patches of grass. In addition, the City Ranger 2260 attachment is made from high-end materials making it a robust solution built to last.

Mulch mower delivers natural fertilization

Mulch mower delivers natural fertilization

You can opt to transform the rotary mower into a mulch mower (optional) with a new set of blades and by inserting a screen on the inside of the mower. This enables the attachment to fine-chop and spread the grass by blowing it onto the bottom of the lawn thus fertilizing the soil with natural nutrients. Using the mulch mower, you also avoid the hassle of removing the grass clippings when the work is done.

Hydraulic tipping system for easy cleaning

Hydraulic tipping system for easy cleaning

Using the hydraulic system of the City Ranger 2260, the cutter can be tipped for easy cleaning and maintenance - the first attachment in its class offering this unique feature without the use of tools. And changing the rotary/mulch mower only takes a few minutes.

Practicality in its purest form

Cutting height can also be adjusted through the machine’s hydraulic system. The rotary/mulch mower 1500 is equipped with specially developed blades designed to guarantee a great finish and reduce both time and energy consumption. The robustness of the mower is emphasized through its sturdy rock shield with reinforced edges. 

The City Ranger 2260 is built to reach the narrowest of spots and drive close to obstacles due to its articulated steering making it highly manoeuvrable. Also, the driver has an open view of the mower when working on the lawn.


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