Efficient sweeping in your town

The suction sweeper turns your Park Ranger 2150/2155 into a year-round machine.

The suction sweeper is one of the basic attachments for the Park Ranger 2150/2155. This is the attachment that turns it into a year-round machine. In the spring, it’s about sweeping streets and roads after winter gritting. In autumn, you need to clean up after the wind, which spreads dust and leaves everywhere. And in the summer, you just want to keep our surroundings neat and presentable. The suction sweeper is effective everywhere - on paths and pavements, roadsides, driveways, car parks, cellar shafts, multi storey car parks, stairs and more. The system consists of brushes, a suction hose, suction tank (for the rubbish) and water tank (to bind the dust).

2 or 3 brushes
The sweeper section is fitted with 2 front brushes or 2 front brushes and 1 side brush. The working height of the brushes is adjusted with a nose wheel to minimise wear and tear on the brushes. The rotation of the front brushes has stepless speed control. The sweeping width is 1200 mm or up to 1660 mm, depending on whether 2 or 3 brushes are used.

The third side brush
If 3 brushes are required, the third brush is a factory-fitted solution. It is parallel controlled and so follows the primary front brushes. The third brush can be set to sweep the full working range of the brush - all the way to the centre line of the attachment - or be lifted into a resting position for narrow passages. It can be angled for sweeping in deep gutters and sweep at a staggered height, so you can actually sweep on two levels at a time, which is handy for kerbs, stairs, etc. If the side brush is moved in front of the front brushes, it is effective for sweeping corners. Three brushes are particularly effective for larger areas with discarded rubbish.

Newly developed suction mouth
A newly developed suction mouth located behind the brushes collects the dirt via a suction hose to the suction tank. The suction mouth is constructed of steel and, when swept with the brush, can suck up even larger pieces of rubbish (e.g., beer and soft drink cans) or heavier debris (e.g., granite shards, splinters, etc.).

External wander hose (option)
A 6-metre external wander hose is available as an option. It takes up almost no space when not in use but lies on top of the tank. The wander hose extends the reach of the suction sweeper, as it can reach all the places where the machine, for one reason or another, cannot drive. The wander hose is ideal for suction on stairs, in cellar shafts, etc.

Dust is trapped by water
All brushes are fitted with a water nozzle to prevent dust from being swirled around when working. The water tank (100 litres) is connected to the suction tank, which is fitted with a unique self-cleaning rotor filter. The filter binds the dust with water, so it stays inside the tank and doesn’t escape with the exhaust air. The water meter located on the side of the suction tank makes it easy to check if there is water in the tank.

Cleaning and maintenance
All maintenance parts, including the filters, are readily accessible for easy cleaning. It is not necessary to remove the suction tank first. Hoses and cables are hidden and therefore well protected.

Easy to attach
The suction sweeper unit is easy to attach. The machine is backed under the suction tank, where it is quickly attached and connected. Then the front brushes are lifted with the A-frame. All the operator needs to do is activate a locking lever and connect the hydraulic and water hoses. The suction sweeper unit comes with a stand for removing and storing brushes and the suction tank.


New optimised design
The familiar suction sweeper for the Park Ranger was originally designed in the 1990s. At Egholm, we continuously test machines and attachments to optimise the efficiency of our products. The suction sweeper has therefore been redesigned and a number of technical improvements have been made:

  • Fewer wearing parts for minimum service and easier maintenance.
  • Reduced height of the third side brush, which ensures easier access to hard-to-reach places such as under benches, etc.
  • Lighter construction of the third side brush, resulting in less wear and tear on the brushes.
  • A design change ensures that when sweeping in the centre lane, trapped debris is more easily removed and streaking is avoided.

PM10 and PM2.5 certifiedThe suction sweeper unit is PM10 and PM2.5 certified
and environmentally approved throughout the EU. 
Read about the certification.

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