Scrub your city clean

Remove bird droppings, oil spills, fast food spills etc. with the City Ranger 2260 Scrubdeck.

Remove bird droppings, oil spills, fast food spills etc.

Achieve thorough cleaning of roads, pavements and other surfaces with a scrubdeck mounted on an Egholm utility machine. The scrubdeck is effective on, e.g. concrete pavers, pavements, as well as epoxy, granite and marble coatings.

Thanks to an independent suspension unit and the constant pressure of the brush on the base surface, it follows the contours perfectly. The scrubdeck is designed so that it is mounted close to the A-frame, which ensures a high degree of stability during use.

The low height of the scrubdeck provides the operator with a good view and enables cleaning under benches and around other obstacles. Various types of detergents can be used depending on the task.

Effective tandem operation

Cleaning is carried out by means of 3 disc brushes under the scrubdeck’s front-mounted unit. The remaining dirty water is then sucked up with a suction nozzle and wiped with a squeegee - both of which are mounted at the rear of the utility machine.

The diameter of the disc brushes is 45 cm and the total cleaning width is 135 cm. The squeegee on the rear unit of the scrubdeck is 140 cm wide and the suction nozzle is 130 cm wide. The suction hose is flexible and has a diameter of 10 cm. Rubber rollers are mounted on both sides in order to protect the suction nozzle against bumps.

High capacity

The scrubdeck is combined with the collecting tank of the City Ranger 2260 and has an extremely high suction capacity. The collecting tank consists partly of a container for clean water and partly of a container for dirty water.


A cost effective cleaning solution created for municipalities and cleaning contractors within outdoor cleaning.

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