Snow blower for the City Ranger 2260

We are getting ready for the upcoming winter season with the launch of a brand new snow blower for the City Ranger 2260.

Snow blower

When winter comes with its massive heaps of snow, a snow blower helps a great deal. The compact dimensions of the snow blower allow for clearing areas where manual labour would normally be the only option. The attachment works effortlessly on roads, paths, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. 

Hydraulic and electrical adjustment of the discharge chute

The 2-step attachment works its way through snow drifts by scraping the snow together with the large auger and sending the snow wherever you want via the adjustable chute.

From the comfortable operator’s seat, the operator has the option of continuously adjusting the horizontal direction of the chute with a joystick. When you want the snow to be blown higher or lower, you simply use the designated switch found inside the cabin.

Snow-clearing for narrow passages

The snow blower effortlessly handles 60 cm high snow drifts with a working width of 110 cm and blows the snow away with great force. The snow is blown high over hedges or other obstacles - far away from people and vehicles.

Clearing snow on narrow sidewalks, biking paths, or other areas with limited space, is no problem. The compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability of the articulated City Ranger 2260, as well as the width of the snow blower, allow it to enter even the narrowest of passages. The 2-step snow blower slides on adjustable skids and can therefore be adapted to any surface. In demanding conditions, the 4-wheel drive of the City Ranger 2260 ensures great traction.

Attachment change in less than 1 minute

With Quick-shift, all City Ranger 2260 attachments can be replaced by a single person in less than 1 minute - requiring no hand tools or any heavy lifting. The snow blower is picked up by the machine, the handle is turned, and all mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems are connected at once, so you can get back to work. If a salt and sand spreader is fitted to the back of the City Ranger 2260, you can do two jobs at once. The salt and sand spreader is just as easy to install.

The Quick-shift makes it easy and quick to switch from one attachment to another, and the utility machine can be used for multiple types of jobs throughout the day. The easy attachment change on the City Ranger 2260 has several advantages: Efficient operation, increased safety, and a much better return on investment.


Specialized quality attachment for harsh conditions

The need that arises in harsh weather conditions are reflected in the quality of the snow blower, delivering both an effective and specialized effort. The snow blower was produced in close cooperation with the Italian producer Cerruti Srl. 

Cerruti was founded in 1958 and is dedicated to designing and producing snow blowers for both large and small machines. Tailored to the City Ranger 2260, the snow blower is a solid piece of craftsmanship developed and tested in the perfect conditions close to the Italian snow-covered Olympic Mountains. Local Italian quality components are mainly used for production.

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