As Egholm´s website contain all the information requested about the products itself – we recommend that you make a link from your website to our website

Always remember to keep the site up-to-date and delete old pruned campaigns and products etc. 

It is important to understand that we do not allow to make a copy of our Egholm website in your local language with your local logos included.

The use of logos and other material belonging to Egholm A/S property rights are not permitted on our partners own website (outside Egholm A/S domains) except with regard to the following: 

  1. You may state that you are an Egholm representative.
  2. You may state that you are qualified to advise on Egholms products.
  3. You may invite customers to an Egholm product demonstrations in the shop.
  4. You can point to Egholms website via a text hyper link

All content including, but not limited to text, pictures, presentations, sound and movies are owned by Egholm.

Any use of material from the or the affiliated websites of the company is prohibited without a prior written consent by Egholm. Egholm is not obligated to give any such consent.

You should only show what we have defined above and the customer should from here be directed for further information at our corporate website.

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On Egholm corporate website we can under Find Dealer add your website address to the dealer information. Then we can secure that customers can link to your dedicated Egholm information on your website and vice versa.

Important to note is that Egholm do not link to any other website unless the following conditions exists:

- E.g. that the linked website is part of a signed business setup between Egholm A/S and an external vendor or partner.

The website is, however, where the journey of your customer often starts. Having an up-to-date responsive website is key today to secure a great customer experience.

At Egholm we can support you with relevant material to make your local website up-to-date on Egholm products. Contact Marketing for further information.